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Have you been trying to uncover board games that start with L? Then today is your lucky day. We"ve noted out some of the top gamings that begin with this beloved letter.


Let"s have actually a look...here’s a rapid list of ours favorites and also where to find them

ImageProductWhere come Buy
Lost CitiesEarn clues by making explorations to locations on the boardPlay a card and draw one in each turnView top top Amazon
Loaded QuestionsAdult variation of the original standard party gameSpin the spinner, choose a card, and also read great the questionView ~ above Amazon
Travel across the land to establish brand-new trade routesPlayers backstab each otherView on Amazon
Legends the AndorCooperative game to safeguard realm versus hordesHordes invade and also attempt to take it overView on Amazon
Letters native WhitechapelSet in dreary London in 1888Jack the Ripper tries come kill 5 victims before he is caughtView on Amazon

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Lost Cities
Loaded Questions
La Strada
Legends the Andor
Letters from Whitechapel
Lords the Vegas
Letter Tycoon
Lord that the rings – search to mount Doom
Loch Ness
Lemming Mafia
Luna: In the Domain the the Moon Priestess

Lost Cities


See it right here on Amazon

Two to 4 players can enjoy this game, and it has actually a deck that cards designed because that the game, as well as high-quality components.

Players job-related to gain points by making explorations to areas on the board.

Each turn is composed of a player play a card and then illustration one to save the exactly amount in their hand at every times.

Players alternative taking turns until the final card that was in the attract pile is used, at which suggest players stop and also count all of the point out from their expeditions.

While the rules might seem a tiny convoluted, the game moves relatively quickly, which way that it deserve to be perfect in a short duration of time.

Understanding the techniques of the cards is key to winning.

Loaded Questions


See it right here on Amazon

Perfect video game for 4 to 6 players who room 17+ and also want to play one adult version of the original standard party game.

With 308 classic and brand-new questions, it’s straightforward to pat this game for long periods of time without anyone gaining bored or managing repeated questions.

On their turn, a player has to spin the spinner, select a card, and read aloud the correct concern while all various other players compose down response on the prize sheet.

All answers space turned in and also then the player who read the concern reads them and chooses both their favorite and also who composed what answers.

When a player guesses correctly who composed a inquiry they knife a VIP card, and also the player through the finest answer does, too.

The player with the many VIP cards at the end of the game is the winner.

La Strada

In this road-building game, players shot to travel across the land come establish new trade routes, yet competition is stiff and also players will work difficult to backstab every other.

The variable video game board is designed out of hex tiles, which way that no two games will be exactly the same, adding to the pleasure and also enjoyment that the game.

19 various settlements are put on the board before the game starts and then every players have to place your markers top top a tile, preferably close to as plenty of cities as possible.

Players require to attach settlements come each various other with your roads, but as an ext players connect to a settlement, the value decreases.

Scoring is easy and also occurs as soon as one player is no much longer able come build any kind of roads.

Legends the Andor


See it below on Amazon

This cooperative game is draft for between two and also four players and also requires everyone to work-related together to try to safeguard their realm versus hordes who room invading and also trying to take over.

There are five unique scenarios consisted of in this game, and heroes have to finish a range of extremely dangerous quests and tasks.

As the video game continues, players not only have actually to focus on completing the assigned tasks and also quests, but likewise make sure that lock are properly balancing their priorities.

Each scenario has actually a legend deck the is provided to assist the tale unfold.

As a wood marker is moved along the board, the triggers new actions.

Letters indigenous Whitechapel


See it here on Amazon

Set in dreary London in 1888, this video game takes between 90 and also 150 minutes, which is good for a group of players who room willing come commit come a longer game.

One player is Jack the Ripper and also tries to kill 5 victims before he is caught, if the various other players space detectives who work-related together to try to catch the Ripper.

The game board is attractive and also designed to represent the area that London where Jack the Ripper to be active.

Players move along dotted lines throughout the game as castle all work-related to accomplish their goal.

Thanks to the quality components and also the easy-to-understand rules, this video game is enjoyable for brand-new and much more advanced players.

Lords that Vegas

See it below on Amazon

Made for between two and four players, this strategy video game requires players to shot to build their casinos out and up to have actually the most money and victory points at the end of the game.

Expansion fill is accessible that permits for more gameplay.

All that the contents are high quality, and also thanks to the shade coding top top the parts, that is easy for players to view what is theirs and also what belong to your opponents.

While it works well for simply two players, the video game is much more exciting through more.

Players start out v empty lots and must developed casinos every while do the efforts to avoid their adversaries from coming to be their boss.

Letter Tycoon

Players work hard to try to kind words in this game, making use of three community cards in a pool, and seven cards in your hands.

As players make words they have the right to earn money, and also stock rewards based on the length and strength of your words.

In the future, players have the right to use the money that they earned to buy a patent on a specific letter they have used in a word, which calls for players who use that letter to provide you money native the bank.

Letters the aren’t used very often have additional abilities the make them much more powerful and worth trying come use.

When many of the alphabet has been used, climate turns room over, money is scored, and also the player through the most valuable tycoon is the winner.


See it below on Amazon

As the one leader of Lyssan, players shot to take control of the country by placing pretenders in your place.

By using spies, castles, priests, nobles, and knights, football player fight, organize territory, manipulate others, and assassinate other players.

This intense video game requires cooperation and strategy for in between two and four players.

The player who has the many trophies in ~ the finish of the game is asserted the winner.

Even though it is an epic wargame, this video game has fewer rules than other games, making it basic to pick up and also to learn how to play.

With a map that needs to it is in conquered, pieces that relocate in certain ways, and cards v special abilities, this game feels familiar, however is new and exciting.

Lord of the ring – pursuit to mount Doom

While Sauron make the efforts to find the ring in Middle-earth, between two and nine players work easily to try to uncover the ring and also take it to Mount death to ensure the it is destroyed.

As football player venture across the board, they have to stay alert to any kind of schemes and also tricks the their fellow players might employ.

With countless event and also item cards on hand, players space able to silver paper plans from other players or usage them to improve their own possibilities of winning.

Turn-based play calls for each player come roll and then move along details paths ~ above the board.

While there space 40 locations on the game, only one consists of the ring, do this an extreme game.

Loch Ness

Every player in the game is competing to try to gain a picture of Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.

Taking turns, players relocate their photographers roughly the plank in an effort to anticipate wherein the monster will certainly appear and also move.

The monster moves according come random map draws, and also the activity isn’t revealed till all players have moved their pieces.

Players score points based on what photographers they have actually placed in the area about Nessie after ~ she moves and emerges.

Players who record a photo of Nessie native the former earn picture cards the will offer them allude boosts in ~ the end of the game.

There room multiple ring of play, and also the game offers an excellent replay value for future games.


See it here on Amazon

This old city has actually time-control technology, and also players run as a city builder who should fight to control the altar so they can likewise control time.

All players have actually the alternative of working with each other from time come time throughout the game to further construct their city.

As a source management, area control, and also worker location game, Lemuria requires a many strategy and the capacity for players to work together and also think around how future actions will affect them.

The video game has 12 rounds, which every representing one month top top the planet.

During turns, players must place workers or harvest your resources, as well as use their resources to rental citizens, build buildings, or perform extra actions.

Lemming Mafia

Just as lemmings every follow every other, the football player in this game compete as different mafias who space trying to acquire into the lake first.

Each player is able to usage dice to try to influence the race, as players can even bet ~ above what mafia will make it right into the water before the others.

Players have actually six lemming cards and two mission cards and also have to roll dice to relocate the lemmings throughout the board.

Each room on the gyeongju track is one of a couple of different species that will influence how easily the lemmings deserve to cross the board.

Players bet by placing their lemming cards on top of gambling cards, and also the video game ends as soon as a lemming completely crosses the board.

Luna: In the Domain of the Moon Priestess

See it here on Amazon

Four orders complete with each various other to try to recognize who will be the successor to the Moon Priestess.

Players act as the heads of the 4 orders and shot to to convince the priestess to select them.

The video game has six rounds, during which football player collect affect points so the they can reach your goal.

Each player controls novices and also places castle on 7 islands the are roughly a main island.

Players have to know when and also where to play your novices to have the most influence.

With strategy elements, and also interaction, this video game is exciting, also when football player wait their transforms to move.

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