In the summer that 1972, Cheech and also Chong were among the hottest new acts top top the comedy circuit. The duo"s self-titled debut album was a breakout hit, cracked the top 30 in ~ #28 and also nominated for ideal Comedy recording at the Grammys (the award would certainly go come Lily Tomlin"s This is a Recording).

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Looking to rotate up the warm with their 2nd full-length that stoner comedy, Cheech and also Chong had an idea: turning the album cover right into a 12-inch replica that a parcel of rolling papers. Referencing real brand Bambu, the Big Bambu album to be born.

Featuring one of the act"s most popular routines, "Sister mar Elephant," Big Bambu was among the sexy releases that the summer 1972. The album was such a solid seller that it began to steadily ascend the Billboard charts. ~ above September 30, 1972, the record would height at the #2 position. The #1 album that week: Chicago V, special the hit, "Saturday in the Park."

Like the predecessor, Big Bambu would be known with a Grammy nomination in the ideal Comedy record category. The winner: George Carlin, FM & AM. Castle would ultimately strike Grammy gold through their next album, Los Cochinos, taking the finest Comedy recording prize.

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Original vinyl pressings of Big Bambu with the rolling record intact are increasingly rare, yet can be discovered at vintage document stores and also online resellers. 




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