So I've played v SoulSilver, fighting every single trainer along the way, and also now I've reached the upstream Four. Yet all mine Pokemon are only about level 35. This was really weird to me, due to the fact that usually at this suggest in a Pokemon game they're all almost at level 50. I obviously have to level them up quite a bit an ext before i can challenge the Pokemon League, but I can't number out how. There to be no trainers in Victory roadway for everything reason, and also everyone knows grind on wild Pokemon bring away absolutely forever to acquire levels. Walk GameFreak just kinda mess up with these games and also not provide us sufficient trainers to battle pre-Elite Four, or am I lacking something huge?


Don't know about where to acquire experience, yet the Elite 4 are lower level in ~ that suggest because you're really only halfway v the game. Instead of the usual 50-60 range, they're in the 40-50 level selection at that point.

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Yeah however the very very first Pokemon that the first Elite 4 member has is 3 levels greater than my ideal Pokemon. I couldn't also get halfway through beating Will.

Yeah, as much as ns love Gen II/HGSS, the levels are lower than many games, and also you're unfortunately going to have to grind a bit. Luckily, the E4 is lower as well, with the highest being roughly 55, i think (going top top memory due to the fact that I can't look at it up atm), so acquiring to 40-45 would be it s okay for the first time through.

Yep, you get underlevelled in HGSS.

I've been playing v SoulSilver aswell, and also basically using only three Pokes (and Lugia a tiny bit, however barely), and also those 3 were roughly level 42-44 once I reached the league, and also 63-65 ~ 16 badges. Organization is lvl 42-50, and I don't remember league rematch yet its somewhere around 70-75. Red is lvl 80-88.

Don't have actually much tips to give at 8 badges, however if girlfriend don't desire to failure miserably at attempting to grind level after 16 badges, go record mewtwo and also teach it ice cream beam. Climate steamroll through organization until her Pokes space high enough to beat Red :D

35 is at sight duper short to fight them. What ns did was just.... Grind in the grass about the Elite 4 until one of my dudes was great enough. You have to h ave Lugia, and I know that it's annoying to usage him, however at level 45, he's at sight useful against the 4.

Also because that the love of god ns hope you have actually a dragon form to absent Lance's butt.

I to be at the same suggest recently. The one thing I had noticed was that at an early stage in the video game I had no idea that I wanted in mine team, for this reason I ended up training pokemon I ultimately placed in my PC and also never used again, which means that the xp they got could've been gotten on the pokemon I at some point did choose for my team. For this reason fast-forward to the E4 and my whole team space under-leveled because of it.

I trained mine pokemon in Victory road to level 40-45 then to 50+ battling the E4 over and also over again, thats an option, a boring one admittedly. One more would it is in to go earlier and fight trainers girlfriend might've let go or skipped.

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Also, psychic to offer your pokemon EXP re-publishing if they require it.

Trainers give an ext xp climate wild pokemon for this reason if you haven't yet beaten every trainer in the game go do that


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