Do you want to know when and how to evolve Growlithe? your fire-type puppy Pokemon Growlithe could have grown to a greater level and looking strong, but staying that is Growlithe form is not satisfying at all.

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I mean you are prepared to own an Arcanine, yet the problem is that you room clueless as soon as is the finest time to evolve, what move to keep, move to forget, and how to execute it. Keep reading to learn.In this article, we will cover the tactics to make the most of your future Arcanine so you deserve to have the ideal partner who can assist you accomplish the finest Pokemon gaming journey.


When is finest Time to Evolve Growlithe and also How it is Done?

First the all, Growlithe is a good fire type Pokemon, and when progressed to Arcanine, this way you deserve to have a Pokemon with an excellent potential. But the difficulty with Arcanine is that he can’t learn new moves after reaching level 34 and learned the last strike extreme speed.

When to Evolve: Strategy

Flare Blitz and Extreme Speed space two mighty moves that can make Arcanine a compete Pokemon. You’ll have the ability to teach Arcanine with Flare Blitz and Extreme speed using the following strategies;

Strategy 1: Using relocate Reminder/Move Relearner: Level up Growlithe come level 45 and teach Flare Blitz. Evolve Growlithe come Arcanine and go to relocate Reminder/Move Relearner come get extreme Speed for the price of a love scale.

Strategy 2: Breeding: after hatching, use the relocate Relearner ~ above Growlithe and also get Flare Blitz. Now, evolve come Arcanine and get the excessive Speed later. In this strategy, the move relearner allows you to learn any of the Pokemon moves regardless the the level.

The answer to the question as soon as is the best time come evolve Growlithe is when he learned the move, Flare Blitz.

How to Evolve Growlithe

Growlithe evolves into Arcanine making use of a Fire Stone. You have the right to either purchase Fire rock or uncover its location.

Red, Green, Blue, and also Yellow

In the Generation i games, the Fire stone can be conveniently bought native the Celadon room Store because that 2,100.

Gold, Silver, and Crystal

In Crystal and also Gold, friend can acquire a Fire stone by mirroring Bill’s grand a Growlithe. In Silver, you can likewise get the from Bill’s grandfather by showing him a Vulpix. Bill’s grand is located in the Sea Cottage. Friend can also get repeat Fire Stones if you’re lucky enough to open secret Gifts or obtain it indigenous Schoolboy Alan from route 36

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

You can get the Fire stone in the Fiery Path situated in the southwest corner, yet you need Strength to obtain to it. If you walk to course 24, you deserve to trade a Red Shard come the sweetheart Hunter for more Fire Stones.

Fire Red and Leaf Green

The Celadon Department keep still sell an endless amount because that 2,100. Friend could also get two Fire Stones indigenous Mt. Ember. One is located in the southeast enntrance gate of the summit whereby you require Strength. The other one is in a absent southeast that the Ultra Ball.

Diamond, Pearl, and also Platinum

You can obtain two Fire Stones native the Fuego Ironworks. The first one can be obtained by talking to Mr. Fuego. The other one is situated in the top right edge of the map. Platinum has more Fire Stones to get and also another one is situated in the an initial top left stairwell in a rock in the Solaceon Ruins.

Another one is located in stark Mountain specifically in the northwest area ~ above a huge rock where you require Rock stop to obtain it.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver

The an approach is the same as Gold, Silver, and Crystal whereby you display Bill’s grand a Growlithe for Heart Gold and a Vulpix in soul Silver.

Black and also White

You can uncover one in the Desert Resort. Walk northwest and find Psychic Gaven to acquire the Fire Stone. There is an additional one in Castelia City as soon as you walk to the ignorance Pier indigenous the scientist. Friend can choose a Fire Stone, sheet Stone, or Water Stone. You have the right to only gain one from the other, but a Fire rock is one of them.

Black 2 and White 2

You can discover one in the same place in Black and also White indigenous the Desert resort from Psychic Gaven. An additional Fire stone is situated in the phibìc area exterior of the Pokemon facility in Lentimas Town.

Pokemon X & Y

In Pokemon X & Y, you can purchase the Fire rock in the rock Emporium in Lumiose City and also in course 9.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

In Omega Ruby and also Alpha Sapphire, the Fire stone is situated at route 114, path 124 and also Fiery path Super training From mystery Pal in an enig Base.



In Pokemon Sun/Moon friend can get Fire stone in Diglett’s Tunnel ~ above Akala Island, or friend can get the stone in Konikoni City.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

In this games, the Fire rock can be uncovered in the Paniola Ranch and also Diglett’s Tunnel. In the Paniola Ranch, you simply need to present a Pokemon Breeder an Eevee the was hatched from an egg. However, friend can choose from a Water and also Thunder rock aside indigenous the Fire Stone.

Choosing one indigenous the various other loses your opportunity to obtain the other. In Diglett’s Tunnel, you must head down the west branch making use of a Tauros Charge.

Let’s walk Pikachu and also Eevee

The easiest means to obtain a Fire rock in these gamings is to buy them indigenous the Celadon room Store. You deserve to buy an unlimited amount that 5,000. You can additionally find one in the Kanto an ar Route 8 in the grassy area v a fence whereby you require to have actually Chop Down. Finally, there is also one in the Pokemon Mansion in the southwest area that the 1F ar near the stairs.

Sword and also Shield

A Fire rock can be found in the Motostoke Riverbark specifically in the southwest area near the corner of the wall. Over there is likewise another one located in the Lake that Outrage. You need to have actually the Water Bike and go come the area whereby there is a rock Circle. You can acquire a Fire stone as well as the other advancement Stones there.


Flare Blitz and Extreme speed are an excellent moves the Arcanine can learn. Having enough knowledge and solid strategy play crucial role in playing any type of Pokemon game. The more information friend have, the much better gamer you become. Usage this strategy to achieve stronger Arcanine.

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