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The "" number assigned come a watercraft stays through the boat for its lifetime in Ohio, nevertheless of property changes. ODNR assigns the oh number to your watercraft when it is first registered, but you, the watercraft owner, room responsible for appropriately displaying the boat" oh number. NOTE: as soon as you to buy an different Registration because that Hand-powered Vessels, you room not compelled to display the oh number, however you need to still screen a precious decal.

The number assigned is in three parts beginning with "" complied with by 4 numbers and also two letters. Also if the number is no displayed, the watercraft registration card will list the boat" oh number.

The tags or decals space the component of the registration that transforms every three years. Traditional boat registrations come with two the same decals the are put six inches from the five number on every side the the boat. Alternate registrations screen only one decal.

Decal(s) should be plainly visible in regular conditions and affixed front to operation of the watercraft. This means, if you renew digital you cannot operate your watercraft legally till the valid decals space displayed.

Numbers and also Decals — classic Registration

Numbers: You deserve to use any method you desire to screen the boat" oh numbers -- for example, using vinyl letters or painting them on. There are location, size, and also style requirements:

The five numbers are to be shown on the left (port) and also right (starboard) front of the boat (bow). The number reads native left to right. Usage block personalities of good proportion that room a minimum the 3 inch in height. Characters should be one shade that contrasts v the lift or watercraft color. Separate the 4 numbers in the middle from the letter at the beginning and end. Use a hyphen or tantamount space. The number must be maintained to be clearly visible and also legible. No various other numerals or letters may be presented on the bow.


Decals: Six inches native the numbers, towards the back of the boat (stern), the Ohio registration Decal should be shown —one on every side. The decals are identical; they display their expiration date. Colour of the decal readjust every year (four colors and they are an excellent for three years) therefore from afar, regulation enforcement officers can tell if your boat decal is expired.


Decal location —Alternative Registration

NOTE: The alternative Registration for hand-powered vessels does not require the display of "" numbers. The alternative Registration calls for the display of a single tag or decal.

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The tags have to be plainly visible in common conditions and affixed prior to procedure of the watercraft. Two display options are displayed below.


Exemptions: watercrafts that Don" need to display screen OH Numbers

Manually-propelled ship that use the different Registration Vessels recorded by the US coast Guard - Documented boats are very huge boats (greater than 5 tons) that have their very own federal numbering system. This is not a frequent situation for recreational boaters in Ohio. If a recorded vessel is owned and also operated in Ohio, it need to be registered in Ohio and also must display one tag on the port side and also one ~ above the starboard side. Boats numbered by another state and not offered in this state for much more than 60 days Boats indigenous a country other than the united States temporarily using Ohio water Boats own by the joined States, a state, or a political subdivision A ship" lifeboat— A "" is hosted aboard one more vessel and used specifically for emergency purposes. Vessels exempted by the chef of the division of Parks & Watercraft Vessels under a waiver issued for a gyeongju or special event