I have a tiny problem right now Experts worrying this error "Subscript provided on non-accessible variable". Every I want to understand is how deserve to I skip this error kind in mine For... Loop... Next... Code and should proceed looping until end.

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My code:

For $j = 1 to $aLevel2_SubFolders<0> _DirRemove($aLevel2_SubFolders<$j>, 1) GUICtrlSetData($Progress1, $j)NextIf I"m not mistaken, the loop stop"s since the change is amounts to to 0 already, and no longer proceeding the loop. Ns tried including "If
error then ContinueLoop" however I think it"s not the right one since still stop"s the loop.

From the path declared, I have 23 or much more subfolders to eliminate from a parent folder and also some to be excluded in remove (was asserted in different line of mine code). The difficulty is, once my first parent folder already has no subfolder/s to eliminate then my because that loop protect against running and flagged this error. Have the right to I perform something on that? i mean, I require to proceed my deletion that subfolders also if the very first parent folder is already empty or was already deleted.

Please permit me know if you need an ext explanation, many thanks in advancement Experts.

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Nine, Thanks, it"s working