The fuel pump is responsible for carrying the ideal amount the fuel in ~ a high enough pressure indigenous the fuel tank come the vehicle’s fuel injectors.

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In modern-day vehicles, the fuel pump uses an electric motor which drives a fuel pump, situated either inside or external of the fuel tank. Nevertheless of this location, the fuel is soaked up from the tank and also eventually driven through the fuel heat to the filter and also lastly, to the fuel injectors.

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Fuel pump instead of cost

The price of replacing a fuel pump will substantially depend ~ above the auto you drive, your geographical location, wherein it’s located and also the mechanic/dealer you use. As all dare vary with the setup and also the cost of components vary together well, the costs, native what us researched, could variety anywhere from $550 to more than $900 because that a expert mechanic to fix the faulty fuel pump. The labor time all relies on how easy it is to accessibility and remove the fuel pump from your vehicle. If the pump is located inside the gas tank, then the mechanic will need to spend much more time 보다 accessing the component via the car’s trunk.

We scoured the web and researched numerous makes and also models to check out what other car owners paid because that their vehicle repair, with the average expense paid detailed in our table below:

ModelTotal (parts+labor)
Astro Van$350
Chevrolet Avalanche$700
Chevrolet Blazer$325
Chevrolet Cavalier$625
Chevrolet Silverado$650
Chevrolet Tahoe$650
Chevy s10$400
Ford Expedition$700
Ford Explorer$700
Ford F150$750
Ford Focus$500
Ford Fusion$475
Ford Ranger$600
Ford Taurus$550
GMC Sierra$800
Honda Accord$425
Honda Civic$575
Honda CR-V$350
Jeep Wrangle$600
Mazda Mazda3$1,100
Nissan Altima$475
Toyota Camry$550
Toyota Corolla$725
VW Jetta$775

As for just the parts, without any professional help, the expenses can variety anywhere from $135 to more than $400 for an OEM part, again, relying on the auto you drive., for instance, developed a handy chart, note the price of parts could variety from $99 come $311 if you to be to purchase through their store.

The global fuel pump parts at AutoZone selection anywhere native $30 come $200.

The symptom of a negative fuel pump

In a majority of the cases, a leak and/or whining noise will come indigenous the fuel pump, often, a sign of malfunction.

If the pump fails, it will certainly not create enough pressure, essentially resulting in a lose of engine power. If the automobile will accelerate as it should, the will start to jerk about and then return to the typical acceleration pattern.

Also, in part cases, the “check engine” light may illuminate if a problem persists. Oftentimes, the OBD code pertained to a faulty fuel pump deserve to be P0001, P0002 and P0003.

After driving because that 10 to 15 minutes, you might feel a “sputtering-like” emotion coming from the fuel pump area. This feeling is usually caused when the pump falls short to administer a regular stream of fuel to the engine.

The car’s temperature can rise come above-average levels. If this were to happen, this might mean the fuel pump engine is having problems, especially if the auto continues to stall.

Am ns able come drive through a poor fuel pump?

As you have the right to see in the symptoms section, a fuel pump can fail for a few reasons. In a many cases, the car will not have the ability to start as result of lack of pressure, which, if this to be the case, you won’t be able to drive, even if you want to. Another common trouble may bring about either a stalled engine or also failure, which, together you can imagine, have the right to lead come a an extremely dangerous scenario as the last point you desire to have occur is finding yourself stalled out in sirloin hour traffic. While the car, even in this scenario, can be driven, friend will desire to attempt to journey it come a mechanic as shortly as feasible to have actually the part repaired.

The fix process

Even before a mechanic considers functioning a fuel pump, the or she will also check the filters, fuel pump relays, fuel pickups and also electrical connectors to make sure they space all in good working order. Because that example, note a clogged fuel filter have the right to restrict the flow, regularly causing the same symptoms as a fuel pump.

Before functioning on the fuel pump, the technician will disconnect the battery to danger the opportunity of fire. If the fuel pump is found in the fuel tank, climate there’s commonly an access cover which deserve to be gotten rid of to help accessibility the pump. Once the access cover is removed, the mechanic have the right to replace both the pump and also the pre-pump filter screen. In part cases, relying on the vehicle setup, the fuel will certainly be emptied before the panel is even removed. If the pump is situated externally, usually near the trunk heat or behind seat, climate the fuel lines will be disconnected and the pump will be removed and also then changed with a brand-new one in turning back order. After ~ replacement, the car will it is in started and also the mechanic will certainly make certain no fuel leaks room noticeable.

The job times, as we mentioned earlier, will considerably depend top top the vehicle’s setup together all vehicles room not developed equally. Part cars, if the part is conveniently accessible, it can take as tiny as two hrs to do the job, conversely, a facility spot can increase the labor time by more than seven hours.

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