Arrange the following elements in bespeak of to decrease electronegativity.Rank from many to least electronegative. To location items as equivalent, overlap them.

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I ranked it: potassium>fluorine>cobalt>phosphorus. IS IT appropriate OR would YOU assist ME TO correct IT decreasing ELECTRONEGATIVITY,

My chemistry textbook lists the electronegativity values (not all routine tables give specifically the very same value, so save this in mind, however the basic trend usually (but not in every case) must be the same).
F > p > Co > K (by the way, P and also Co are close to each other, so depending on your criteria because that the distinction in values is large enough (>=0.2), girlfriend could think about these 2 as overlapping)

The bespeak given shows up to it is in correct, yet the explanation is backwards. EN values normally INCREASE (not decrease) as you go to the right and up in ~ the periodic table. The is why F is the most electronegative. That is far right and also at the top.

EN values execute not decrease together you go up and also to the appropriate in the periodic table. They rise as you go up and also to the right.

I"m sorry, the first statement was wrong. I intended to speak electronegativity increases as you go up and also to the right. I provided the reasoning listed below with approximate values and the correct answer. I edited my an initial statement so now it is correct, say thanks to you. This need to be evident based on the electronegativity values.

I supposed to say the the electronegativities normally increase as you up and also to the appropriate in the regular table. I listed the almost right Electronegativity worths from mine chemistry textbook. I offered the correct answer, which method that the is apparent to watch that the explanation is connected with the electronegativities enhancing as you go up and the come the ideal in the regular table. So, I readjusted the one word I meant to say. Say thanks to you JRS.
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