Nabisco’s animal Crackers, i m sorry come in the acquainted red box v what looks favor a circus train full of vibrant animals, is not the just brand of animal crackers. There space others. But Nabisco’s pet Crackers have always been the many popular, not only due to the fact that of the pet shaped cookie but because of the box in which castle come. The boxes constantly came through a wire which provides a great handle for a young kid to carry around. Today, that string has come to be a cardboard handle. 1Since I wrote this post the string has been removed from box of animal Crackers, come be replaced by a built-in cardboard handle. I am not sure exactly how recently this take it place.

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Why perform (Did) animal Cracker Boxes have Strings?

Believe it or not, the string to be there due to the fact that the crate were originally meant to it is in a Christmas tree ornament, marketed at Christmas for 5 cent a box. Even if it is or no anyone in reality hung castle on their tree, youngsters have been utilizing the strings together handles ever before since.

Barnum’s animal Crackers History

At first, lock were simply called Barnum’s Animals. Today, end 40 million packages are sold each year.


Barnum’s pet Crackers are called after P.T. Barnum, probably the most popular circus owner in the world. The national Biscuit company (Nabisco), introduced the cookies in 1902. Before this, sweet-tasting animal shaped “biscuits” had actually been about in Britain, and were merely called animals.

They do their means to the United claims at the very least as at an early stage as 1883, when the earliest known recipe because that “animals” was printed in Secretes that the Bakers and Confectioners’ Trade, written by J.D. Hounihan. Soon, huge American bakers began producing them. Nabisco became the standard when they placed theirs in the amazing red box.

Before this, the Dozier-Weyl Cracker Company and the Holmes and Coutts Company, both Nabisco predecessors, had been making them. And Stauffer Biscuit, which quiet makes animal crackers today, began making lock in 1871. They were called animals or circus crackers. The 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia featured pet cookies make by Walter G. Wilson, who called them zoologicals.

Which animals are in animal Crackers?

Boxes that Barnum’s pet Crackers have featured 37 different animals over the years. Bears, elephants, lions, and also tigers have been about since the beginning, but others have come and also gone. Now, a 2 oz box (2.1 oz) consists of 22 animal crackers and also 19 different animals:

2 bear (one sitting, one standing)1 bison1 camel1 cougar (or “mountain lion”)1 elephant1 giraffe1 gorilla1 hippo1 hyena1 kangaroo1 koala1 lion1 monkey1 rhinoceros1 seal1 sheep1 tiger1 zebra

Barnum’s animal Crackers also come in other packages, such as a 1 oz bag and in multi-packs.

Koala was voted in by consumers throughout the one-hundredth anniversary promotion, chosen over the penguin, walrus, and cobra. Of course, koala won. Everyone loves koalas!

Animal Crackers in my Soup

In the 1935 movie, Curly Top, Shirley temple sang “Animal Crackers in my Soup.” “Monkeys and rabbits loop the loop,” she sang, yet rabbits have never been in a crate of animal crackers. Nabisco has used the Shirley Temple track in plenty of commercials. Animal Crackers was also the name of a 1930 Max Brothers’ film. You deserve to see the Shirley holy place singing pet Crackers in Curly peak in the video clip below.

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Barnum’s animal Crackers are currently made in same Lawn, brand-new Jersey in a large bakery v a 300 foot lengthy conveyer belt oven. They space not only sold in the unified States, but in 17 various other countries.