Angry birds Star battles 2 finally arrived ~ above both the application Store and also Google Play critical night, permitting millions of gamers to take part in prequel-based shenanigans.

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Most human being know the upset Birds basics, but if you require tips to get through the brand-new stages, we"ve got you covered.


-Yoda is among the ideal characters in the game, depending how you usage him. Tap him once and he"ll swing roughly in a frenzy, using his lightsaber to damage everything. It"s a good idea to conserve him because that small, border spaces, whereby he can do major damage. Use him for something bigger, and also he"ll bounce off and go flying with the air. Not a good idea.

-We mentioned in our testimonial that seasoned Jar Bird is useful. Through him, you exploit his tongue to grab objects, opponents or TNT boxes, and he"ll maintain his grip until he crashes into something. He"s excellent when it comes to latching ~ above an otherwise inaccessible TNT crate, together he can rip the out and send it flying into the stage - like an armada of opponent pigs in the distance.

-If for some factor a character"s capability doesn"t job-related initially, friend can always restart the stage and shot again. Girlfriend won"t acquire penalized because that doing this an ext than once. In fact, sometimes you have the right to earn a greater score or stars friend didn"t knife the very first time around.

-When it comes to premium personalities in the game - i beg your pardon you can unlock by to buy in-app or picking up Telepods numbers in shop - check them the end a few times prior to making the decision come buy. In most cases, you"ll have sufficient "test runs" to acquire the most use native them, then refer earlier to the general characters listed for every stage, prefer Qui-Gon and also Obi-Wan. Try before you buy.

-When you begin each stage, get a good look in ~ everything and plan your course of attack. Together with general objects, over there are secondary tools the can assist you out, consisting of catapults the shoot large, glowing violet spheres and also magnets.

The purple spheres are specifically helpful, together they can ruin pretty much whatever they touch - also stone. Come launch them, though, you"ll need to reduced the cable on the catapult, i m sorry you can do v a well-timed attack or push.

As for magnets, they job-related with steel platforms and also objects. Shot to seasoned them loose with your an initial bird, together they"ll go flying around the stage - or hanging from a chain - and also attract any kind of metal nearby. This will aid wipe the end a variety of enemies with ease, leaving friend a an additional bird to end up the job.

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-Don"t forget to shot out the bonus levels. You"ll unlock a few of these end the food of the game - with some needing to it is in unlocked with acquisition or usage of a Telepod figure. They"ll challenge your finest Angry bird skills, also if you think you"re a jug pro.

-Once you have actually a far better idea of every character"s signature attack/ability, collection out to produce the ultimate team, also if it way using heroes and villains. Darth Maul teaming with Yoda? do it happen.