The ancient Chinese thought that after who died, their spirit lived ~ above in the afterworld. The spirits of family members members, who had died, watched over you. This spirits of your ancestors had magical powers. Castle could help you or pains you. Family spirits included every one of your ancestors, going back hundreds of years, any kind of of among whom could assist or hinder.

The most crucial place in each ancient Chinese residence was a shrine they used to honor your ancestors. They likewise brought gifts of food and wine to your temples, to respect the spirits of your ancestors. Celebrations were organized to honor their ancestors. Ancestor praise was the Chinese method of maintaining their ancestors happy.

When girls married in ancient, they moved to your husband's home. As soon as that happened, as soon as they came to be a wife, they can no much longer worship their own ancestors. They had to worship their husband's ancestors and be faithful to your husband's family.

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