In \"An Occurence in ~ Owl Creek Bridge\" what is the the atmosphere of the text? Please provide textual evidence.
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The mood shifts according come the point-of-view in \"An event at Owl Bridge\" by Ambrose Bierce. 

together the story opens the atmosphere is stoic; the scene shown reads much more like a report of how the soldiers operate. Bierce provides minimal details of any type of emotion to the reader in the...

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The mood shifts according come the point-of-view in \"An event at Owl Bridge\" by Ambrose Bierce. 

As the story opens the mood is stoic; the scene depicted reads an ext like a report of just how the soldiers operate. Bierce offers minimal details of any type of emotion come the leader in the opening paragraphs, except to discuss the absence of it, together as: \"The agency faced the bridge, staring stonily, motionless\" (1). This an initial section of the story reads favor an indifferent soldier\"s report.

The mood shifts together the point-of-view alters to the of the young man. At this allude in the story, the the atmosphere becomes significantly tense and also distracted, since the young male in question encounters the hangman\"s noose and also contemplates his final moments. Perhaps because Fahrquhar knows the he is about to die, he lets himself it is in distracted through his surroundings:

The water, touch to gold by the beforehand sun, the brooding mists under the banks at part distance under the stream, the fort, the soldiers, the piece of drift -- all had actually distracted him. And also now he became mindful of a brand-new disturbance. (2)

Finally, as Fahrquhar begins his bottom plummet, the mood move to desperate as he plunges right into the river listed below to shot and complimentary himself: 

\"Put the back, placed it back!\" He thought he shouted this words come his hands, for the undoing the the noose had been succeeded by the direst pang that he had yet experienced\" (4).

Bierce boosts the intensity of the minute by using much shorter sentences to create an infusion the sensory details choose \"his neck ached horribly, his mind was top top fire\" (4). The reader experiences the feeling of scare right along with the character.

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One of the most amazing aspects about the changing moods in this story is that Ambrose Bierce frequently interjects beautiful, descriptive imagery and also sentences in in between the order of terror feel by Peyton Fahrquhar. For instance when the young guy imagines his house \"all bright and also beautiful in the morning sunshine,\" the lovely imagery helps to take the sheet or cold-heartedness of the man\"s hanging (7). The connection to nature soft the mood from gift overly harsh.