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MEEN 315, ar 503 principles OF THERMODYNAMICS spring 2013 Homework #2 due January 29, 2013 N.B. The following improvement Lectures may be advantageous for girlfriend in working this assignment. 1. Electrical Motors 2. English systems 3. Reversible and Irreversible processes 1. An electric motor paint, etc a present of 10 amp with a voltage the 110V. The calculation shaft creates a speak of 10.2 N-m and a rotational rate of 1000 RPM. For operation at secure state, identify for the motor, (a) the electrical power forced (in kW), (b) the power occurred by the output shaft (in kW), (c) the price of heat transfer (in kW), and (d) the performance of the motor. The energy transfer due to heat move is connected with what thermodynamic concept? 2. Every line in the complying with table gives information around a process of a system. Every entry has the same power units. Fill in the blank spaces in the table. Deserve to you recognize from this table if any of these procedures are possible? procedure Q W E1 E2 ΔE a -20 50 70 b 50 20 50 c -60 60 20 d -90 50 0 e 50 150 20 3. As shown below, 5 kg of steam contained within a piston-cylinder assembly experience an development from state 1, wherein the particular internal power is u1 = 2709.9 kJ/kg come state 2, where u2 = 2659.6 kJ/kg. Throughout the process, there is heat transfer to the heavy steam with a magnitude of 80 kJ. Also, a paddle wheel transfers power to the vapor by occupational in the quantity of 18.5 kJ. Over there is no far-reaching change in the kinetic or potential energy of the steam. Determine the energy transfer by work from the heavy steam to the piston throughout the process, in kJ. Take into consideration the job-related transfer by the piston; is this reversible or irreversible? think about the work-related transfer through the paddle wheel; is this reversible or irreversible?4. A vertical cylindrical fixed of 10 lb experience a procedure during i m sorry the velocity decreases native 100 ft/s to 50 ft/s, if the elevation remains unchanged. The initial specific internal power of the mass is 0.5 Btu/lbm and the final certain internal energy is 0.8 Btu/lbm. During the process, the fixed receives 2 Btu of power by heat transfer with its bottom surface and also loses 1 Btu of power by heat transfer through its optimal surface. The lateral surface experiences no heat transfer. Because that this process, evaluate (a) the readjust in kinetic energy of the mass in Btu, and also (b) the work-related in Btu. 5. Large wind turbines v blade span diameters of over 100 m are available for electric power generation. Consider a wind turbine with a blade span diameter that 100 m mounted at a website subjected to steady winds in ~ 8 m/s.

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Taking the in its entirety efficiency of the wind turbine to be 32 percent and the air density to be 1.25 kg/m3, determine the electric power created by this wind turbine. Also, assuming stable winds of 8 m/s during a 24-hour period, determine the quantity of electrical energy and the revenue produced per day because that a unit price of $0.06/kW-hr for