American school is accredited by the center States association of Colleges and Schools commissions on elementary and an additional Schools (MSA-CESS), Accreditation international (Ai) and also the nationwide Council for personal School Accreditation (NCPSA). American college is additionally recognized together a non-public second school by the Illinois State board of education and learning (ISBE). Visit our accreditation web page for more information.

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I graduated from American institution or am currently a student. Can you send me my transcript?

Please download this transcript release kind and monitor the directions on it. If you require assistance, please call the Registrar’s Office by email or by phone at 708-418-2800 throughout regular business hours.

You may additionally order file or electronic transcripts through Parchment. Click below for an ext information and also click right here to bespeak transcripts with Parchment.

I i graduated from American School but lost mine diploma. Can you send me a replacement?

American School provides duplicate diplomas in ~ a price of $25 each. The $25 consists the expense of a duplicate diploma only and also does not incorporate a instance or tassel. Payment should be received prior to duplicate diplomas are sent. If you require assistance, please call the Registrar’s Office by email or through phone in ~ 708-418-2800 throughout regular organization hours.

How execute I acquire a copy that American School’s college student Handbook?

Click below to accessibility a copy of our college student Handbook.

How old carry out I need to be come enroll?

There is no minimum or maximum period to enroll. College student planning come enroll in center school courses must have actually an enrollment applications or notarized letter signed by a parental or guarantor stating lock are all set to start sixth class courses. Students planning to enroll in high institution courses must have an enrollment application or notarized letter signed by a parental or guarantor before enrolling in ninth grade courses.

Will I obtain credit because that the occupational that I have completed at another high school?

American institution accept many credits from other accredited schools. The exceptions room religion, physical education, band, choir, driver’s education and ROTC. To start the transcript evaluation process, please have actually an official transcript sent out to our Registrar’s Office by email or with postal mail to 2200 eastern 170th Street, Lansing, IL 60438. There is a $25 transcript evaluation fee that will certainly count toward your tuition should you pick to enroll with American School.

Does American school accept homeschooling credit?

If you have been house schooled or attend a non-accredited school, you might be eligible to develop up to 5 units of credit by effectively passing (with a grade of 75% or better) comprehensive examinations available by American School. Over there is a $50 non-refundable fee for each comprehensive examination, and you have to be enrolled because that at least 10 devices of credit from American college to be eligible to take comprehensive examinations. Please note that the American college does not provide review products for comprehensive examinations. We perform not send substantial examinations come students that have currently received American School materials for the subject(s), nor to students whose sibling(s) or household members have received American School materials for the subject. Students enrolled in oversaw or accuse programs room not eligible come receive an extensive examinations. Call our Principal’s Office for more information or if you great to take it these substantial examinations.

How does American school work?

For most paper-based courses, students are sent a textbook and study guide. The textbook is often developed by a significant textbook publisher, but some room custom-published exclusively for American School. The research guide includes unit discussions, self-check tests and also the unit examinations which the students will certainly complete and also send to the institution for grading. For other print-based courses, students are sent out a textbook and also examination booklet. In these courses, the textbook consists of unit discussions and self-check tests, and also the examination booklet contains the unit examinations i beg your pardon the students will complete and send to American school for grading. Students might start functioning the moment they obtain their study products in the mail, and they work completely at their very own pace throughout the term of your program. Please note that policies and procedures for our digital courses are slightly different. Refer to our Online learning page for an ext information.

How do I see samples that American School’s online courses?

Visit ours Online finding out page for details.

What is American School’s academic integrity plan (honor system)?

American institution students are expected to monitor the honor system. Under the honor system, the is permissible to benefit from the exchange of ideas with various other students, friend or family members and to usage your textbook, examine guide and other sources while you work on her courses and also complete her exams, but any type of work ~ above examinations is intended to be your own thoughts and also ideas. Her examinations must display what you have actually learned. You may not stand for someone else’s work-related as your own.

If you carry out not adhere come the honor system, you need to expect disciplinary action, which may incorporate retaking an examination or dropping a subject for another. Repetitive violations may an outcome in her dismissal from American school or one invalidation of any kind of examination grades.

What is American School’s grading scale?

For students in the basic High institution program and the university Preparatory program, our grading range is:

A: 93-100

B: 85-92

C: 76-84

D: 65-75

Partial: below 65

I: Incomplete

Who is taken into consideration a full-time student?

To accomplish full-time enrollment status, a college student must finish at least 5 Carnegie units of credit a year and also have submitted job-related consistently throughout at least nine months of the year. If achieved, American college will verify a student’s full-time enrollment status for federal and also state programs, clinical insurance, boy support agencies, Social protection Administration, and/or any type of other regimen requiring together verification, if requested. If a student has actually fallen below this standard, the student have to submit work-related consistently for three consecutive months before American institution will verify full-time enrollment status. Please call the school Counselor’s Office by email or by call 708-418-2800 if you have more questions about this matter.

What room the graduation requirements?

American School supplies two high college diploma programs – the basic High college Program and the college Preparatory Program. In each routine the college student is required to finish 20 units of credit. At the very least 5 credits must be completed v American college to obtain our diploma. In addition, every students must complete Consumer Economics, economics or an individual Finance in accordance v Illinois State plank of education guidelines.

How lengthy do I have to complete my course(s)?

In general, students in either of our diploma programs have 4 year to complete their whole 20-unit program. Students in our Independent Study regimen or who take individual courses for enrichment have 1 year from the day of enrollment to complete their paper-based courses, 6 month from the day of enrollment to complete a half-unit online course and also 1 year indigenous the date of enrollment to finish a full-unit virtual course. Regardless of her program, you deserve to work in ~ your very own pace and also may be able to finish in much less than the maximum completion time.

Can ns go to college with an American institution diploma?

Many American college graduates go on to college after completing our college preparatory course. They room usually admitted – as space students from any kind of high institution – on the basis of their scores on tests such together the sat or the ACT and their grades with American School. Some states, such as new York, however, have actually public universities which will not accept students stop a distance education and learning diploma, and these public universities will call for such students to take it the GED, TASC or another high institution equivalency exam to get admission. We suggest that you review the admissions criter with the university of your an option prior to enrolling and contact our Guidance room if you have questions or need more assistance. Our institution counselor will be happy to assist you. If you space interested in attending one accredited digital college or university, you re welcome visit because that a perform of accredited online colleges and universities.

What is American School’s ACT-SAT code?


What is American School’s FAFSA code?


For more assistance through FAFSA, please contact 1-800-433-3243 or visit

May credits earned for American school courses be provided for NCAA initial eligibility to participate in university sports?

At this time, American school courses may not be offered to accomplish the NCAA core course requirements for early eligibility for department I or department II sporting activities or because that NJCAA and also NAIA purposes. This decision was not based on the contents of our courses but, rather, on worries involving communication with student in “nontraditional” courses. You should not use to take our courses if you arrangement on playing sports for a school affiliated v the organizations listed above. If friend have additional questions around college eligibility, please contact our guidance department.

What is American School’s position on the common Core State requirements Initiative?

American School, a no for benefit distance discovering institution making use of the house study method, is dedicated to providing quality second instruction at a reasonable cost to those student who are seeking one alternative way of completing their high institution education. We satisfy our mission, in part, educated by the typical Core State criter Initiative, but we room not tied by those standards. Usual Core State Standards space simply discovering goals and also are not a curriculum. They perform not dictate instructional methodologies or paper-based or online materials used in ~ subjects. Rather, common Core State Standards establish clear and also measurable goals for what students need to know, understand and be able to achieve at the finish of a food or grade. American college reaffirms its appointment to enabling students to research at their very own pace and also to utilize, together they check out fit, the paper-based or online research materials provided to lock so that they may reach or exceed any kind of goal the is placed before them.

After i enroll have the right to I transfer from one high school routine to another?

Students might make one transfer in between high institution programs at no additional charge unless they require to add additional units to fulfill the specific requirements of the program into which they are transferring. That is, a college student in the basic High School program may transfer right into the college Preparatory High School program or vice versa v no fee for making the move itself. For any subsequent transfer between the 2 programs, over there is a charge of $50 to help cover our bureaucratic costs in an altering a student’s program.

Can ns take more subjects 보다 I am required to take because that graduation?

Students may include additional devices to their routine of study beyond what castle are forced to take because that graduation at the prevailing rate for acquisition individual topics with the School. Please call the Student company Department for additional information.

What if I just want to take it individual subjects with American School?

Information on enrolling in individual topics for credit transaction recovery or enrichment is accessible on our Enrollment page.

Can i enroll in American school if ns reside in a international country?

American college welcomes students from external the unified States. All American school students outside the unified States must take online courses just unless they have actually a shipping deal with within the unified States. This is because of the rising expense of shipping and delays in customs.

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What is American School’s cancellation or refund policy?

American School’s cancellation or refund policy is plainly stated ~ above every enrollment application. Please describe your enrollment application for an ext information.

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