One the the many important facets of the financial growth in the start of the golden e sets ago to the increase of residential construction and the safety on consumer goods. The erupt need for housing, tv sets, home appliances and cars, transpired native a population shift indigenous the cities to the suburbs. Together Foner has actually stated, “By 1960, suburban citizens of single-family homes outnumbered metropolitan dwellers and those life in landscape areas.”

The film above illustrates the social differences indigenous urban and suburban residents; alluding the viewer a cherry photo of suburban life with its color motion, where as, showing the urban life with black and white motion. It likewise portrays the consumer culture of the time, targeting young adults that derives for the need of a brand-new kind that marketing. Like the film stated, it was a “happy walk spending world.” shopping malls were created in your image, building in fountains, statues, restaurants and free standing stairways. The stores likewise included numerous banks, loan offices and also rental plans.

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With the increase of television, Americans adjusted their eating habits from home cooked meals to convenient TV Dinners. In 1954, Swanson presented TV dinners that were packaged to mirrored the look of a television set, offering over 25 million dinners in ~ their first year. As the advertisement suggests, the is one “oven-quick meal the taste home cooked.” The convenience of this TV dinners attracted plenty of Americans, creating a societal norm whereby Americans leisurely warm up the TV dinners and also eat the while watching TV. This common behavior ended up being a social experience the all Americans throughout the states deserve to share.

Below is a Swanson TV commercial:

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During the 1950s, “the standard customer package” had a home, television collection and a car. The brand-new Ford automobile opened increase a new means to reap the plenty of freedoms the life had to offer. The Ford symbolized a individual’s freedom and private an option that allowed him or she to travel where ever before they please. With the later development of interstate highways, automobile owners to be able to travel long distances for vacations. By the 1960s around 80 percent that american families owned a car and also 14 percent owned two or more. This quickly meant people would be able to commute to and also from work everyday, regardless of the distance between them. Songs and advertisements continuous reminded auto owners that the countless ways come enjoy freedom with the purchase of a car.

This brought around a large change in the automobile manufacturing and oil industry. The increasing need for cars provided jobs to tens of thousands of manufacturing facility workers and also both the oil and also auto manufacturing companies boomed. Earnings soared as yearly brought about a new and much more advanced auto that would quickly go out of format that exact same year. The video above is simply one the the countless advertisements that promoted the breakthrough of the new Ford design car and used the layout of liberty to offer in the consumer market.

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Working Women


During human being War II most of the males in America saw fight for their country leaving the females behind at home. Women didn’t simply stay at house tending to their kids they went the end working commercial jobs. Women started to work in factories or taking over work on the farm. Since women started to work-related the well known “Rosie the Riveter” was the symbol because that the most common job for females at the time.

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After civilization War II things changed again for women. Many women had actually lost their tasks in the factories yet they still ongoing to work. The level the employment because that women had actually increased since World war II, functioning part-time to assist support your family. Eric Foner book says “Despite the increasing variety of wage earning women, the suburban family’s breadwinner was assumed to be male, if the wife stayed at home.” even though women shot hard to occupational films, Tv shows, and advertisement shown that marital relationship life is the dream for every women.

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Federal federal government shutdown?

Here is the article I promised in course (as a continuation of mine “In the News” slide) through a connect to a NYT article around what a federal federal government shutdown could look like. 


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Extra Credit

A couple of people have asked recently about the extra credit assignment that you have an chance to finish anytime until the time of your last exam. The is worth between 1 and also 4 point out on your final grade relying on the quality and also depth of her report. The is represented in the class slides, but an extremely buried and not findable via a search of the site. So, I believed I would carry it come the surface. Below is the assignment:


1) visit a site that relates come NYC sometime throughout this semester (provide ticket stub or some other evidence of visit)2) compose a 1-4 page essay connecting what girlfriend learned in ~ the website to topics and materials spanned in this course

Some recommended sites:–Lower eastern Side Tenement Museum–African funeral Ground–Ellis Island–Museum the the City of new York–New-York historic Society