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Chapter 4: Indian Heads. These space pennies that Boo Radley pipeline for the Finch children in the knot of a tree. Prior to the arrival of the Lincoln penny, one-cent coins had actually the confront of a indigenous American ~ above them.

Chapter 5: "Foot-washing Baptist." This is a derogatory term...

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Chapter 4: Indian Heads. These space pennies that Boo Radley leaves for the Finch kids in the node of a tree. Before the introduction of the Lincoln penny, one-cent coins had the face of a aboriginal American on them.

Chapter 5: "Foot-washing Baptist." This is a derogatory term for a particularly devout Baptist. Jesus washed his disciples" feet and encouraged them come do similarly with each other. Countless denominations have followed this practice ever before since.

Chapter 6: Franklin stoves. Called after Benjamin Franklin, who developed them, these were old-fashioned steel stoves that had narrow funnels that made castle look a small like a modern chimney.

Also, in this chapter there"s an allusion come "Little Three-Eyes," a story about a small girl with 3 eyes that pretends to be asleep however actually sees everything. This is the name provided to reconnaissance by Jem as he thinks she"s spying on him to protect against him sneaking earlier out to the Radley residence.

Chapter 7: "He declared Egyptians walked the way." If you"ve ever before seen one Egyptian hieroglyphic, you"ll have actually noticed that world are illustrated as walking in a strange way with their arms at right angles. That"s exactly how Jem walks because that a time. He admires the old Egyptians for supposedly inventing toilet paper and perpetual embalming.

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Chapter 8: Bellingrath Gardens. Historical botanical gardens located outside Mobile in Alabama. Miss Maudie describes them after her house has actually been destroyed by fire:

Those Bellingraths’ll look plain puny when I gain started!

What she means is that when she"s finished building a new, smaller house, she"ll have the ability to have a much bigger garden, one even far better than the Bellingrath.