Eight the the says which consist of the joined States have names which start with the letter “M.” These states are, in no details order, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Missouri, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Minnesota, and Maine. The says differ in size and also population. The biggest of the eight says is Montana which is 0.147 million square mile in size, if the the smallest is Massachusetts i m sorry covers an area of 10,565 square miles. Michigan is the many populous the the eight states, through a population of over 9.962 million people.


Maryland is just one of the smallest says that comprise the US, spanning an area the 12,407 square miles. The state is significant for having actually the highest possible median family members income of any kind of state in the country, i beg your pardon stands in ~ $73,594. The state it s okay its surname from Queen Mary. King Charles I, the queen’s husband reigned over good Britain once George Calvert requested the king permission to collection up a swarm in the brand-new World. When starting the colony, George had said it be recognized as “Crescentia,” but the king directed it be well-known as mar Land. Sharing the surname of the new colony was its an initial capital city, St. Mary’s City.

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A tiny state in size, Massachusetts occupies an area of 10,565 square miles. Inhabitants of the state reside in the city regions, with an estimated 80% of all Bay Staters residents in the greater Boston region. Boston doubles up as the largest city and also the state funding of Massachusetts. The state is named in respect of the Massachusetts tribes who to be the native inhabitants that the an ar and predate europe settlement. Originally well-known as Plymouth, the state was the very first to be established as a colony. Pilgrims set up the swarm after arriving in phibìc America in 1620.


Michigan consist of an area that 96,716 square miles making that the 11th biggest state in the country. The state’s biggest city, Detroit, is notable for having actually the biggest metropolitan economy in the country. The state’s surname is obtained from the Ojibwe name for the lake “mishigamaa” which translates to “big lake.” Michigan was initially a French colony and was administered as component of new France before it fell into the hand of the british in 1762 in the wake up of the French-Indian War. Throughout independence, the state was component of the Northwest Territory and was well-known as a state in 1837.


The state of Minnesota is located north the the country (it is the northernmost state outside Alaska) wherein it consist of an area that 86,936 square miles. The state gained its surname from the Minnesota flow whose name in the Dakota language way “clear blue water.” Minneapolis, i beg your pardon is the state’s many populous city, has a similar name come the state. Minnesota to be originally component of Spanish Louisiana and only ended up being a state in 1858. The state is renowned for its high variety of lakes i beg your pardon earns that the nickname “Land the 10,000 Lakes.”

Unifying Characteristics

Despite each state having actually individual characteristics, the eight states have some points in common. One noticeable characteristic that the eight says share is that they room all administrate under federal law of the united States.

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Additionally, all the eight states are located in the contiguous joined States.