When us follow one actor’s career from one duty to the next, we obtain to see how they embody each brand-new character. We regularly compare one acting performance with another, and also we always have our favourite role. Francia Raisa has actually been on our radar since she showed up in the film carry It On: all Or Nothing. However her 2 most prominent roles to date have been as Adrian Lee in The secret Life the the American Teenager and Ana Torres in Grown-ish. Both parts have enabled Francia to destruction deep and portray personalities who battle with genuine issues.

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As both Adrian Lee and Ana Torres, Francia Raisa has shown Latina women going with life as a young adult. Born come a mexico father and a Honduran mother, Francia didn’t start her exhilaration career advocating for Latin depiction on screen. However, she later on became an ext aware that the stereotypes moved on Latina women, being cast either cast as sultry temptresses or maids. Together Adrian and Ana, Francia was able to subvert those stereotypes and simply pat young women that were juggling the very same insecurities and also ambitions as any kind of other teens or young adult.

Francia prioritized roles that would certainly steer her away from problem tropes and enable her an ext expression. Francia well-known that she parts might influence various other Latina girls and women city hall her. This realization motivated her to use her communication to encourage a change in Latina depiction in media. Together a result, Francia booked the role of Ana Torres, a Cuban American student.

Francia’s first larger role as a hispanic American teens was as Adrian Lee. She’s the smart, ambitious student in The secret Life the the American Teenager. Francia to be excited to play a character that was outgoing and a little rebellious in order to portray the truth of teenage relationships. We regarded Adrian’s desire to live her life cost-free from restraint. But also saw the after-effects of her poor decisions. Although Adrian regularly pursued sex-related relationships together a an outcome of her insecurities, she additionally demonstrated she to be sexually independent.

With an missing working mother and also a non-existent connection with she father, Adrian’s upbringing play a function in much of she impulsive behavior. Adrian chases a relationship with Ricky practically obsessively, advertise aside she own best interests in the process. We check out Adrian’s insecurities climb to the surface when she becomes pregnant v Ben’s baby. That’s as soon as she’s forced to thrive up much faster than she ever imagined. We additionally witness the load of loss put on her shoulders once her infant daughter is stillborn. In Adrian, Francia brought to life a failure young woman striving to it is in happy.

As Ana Torres, Francia obtained the possibility to check out her Latina root further. Ana is a college freshman once we very first meet her on Grown-ish. And like Adrian, she no the most-friendly character in the series. Under her protective exterior, Ana proved to be together lost and also vulnerable as Zoey in her brand-new college environment. We learn Ana has never lived so much from her family. And also that she to be afraid of gift judged for she devout Catholic faith and also conservative values.

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Despite her opinion frequently contrasting through her an ext liberal fiend group, Ana’s values are respected by she peers and add another view to the problems they discuss. Choose Zoey, Sky, Jazz, and also Nomi, Ana make the efforts to number her life the end in the confusing confusing of school, relationships, and adulting skills. She Cuban culture and Catholic belief are core components of herself. Yet as one individual, she integrates them into her everyday life in she own unique way. With playing Ana, Francia has actually further added to the message that everyone is different – and also that’s alright.