Adrian Alonso, also known as Adrian Alonso Barona is a child actor native Mexico. With his charming smile and baby features, this small dude stole the hearts of plenty of fans. However, he is no longer a child.

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Since his debut in 2003, this gibbs has burned his baby features and also turned into a good gentleman. This day we will certainly talk a lot around this young man who has been in the entertainment market for end a te already.

Adrian Alonso

Let’s gain started v some facts first.

Adrian Alonso: rapid Facts

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Adrian Alonso Barona
25 years
April 6, 1994
Mexico City, Mexico
Five feet7 inches (170 cm)
62 kg(136 lbs)

Age, Height, and also Measurements: exactly how Old Is Adrian Alonso?

Talking around this excellent actor, Adrian is a young man who simply turned 25 years old. Born on April 6, 1994, Alonso exudes charming however alluring aura. Also, his star sign is Aries.

Moreover, this dashing man has grown so lot from his childhood and shed indigenous his son actor avatar. As of now, he stands high at the height of 5 feet 7 inches(170 cm) and also weighs around 62 kg9136 lbs). 

Aside indigenous that, Alonso has acquired dark hair and also dark brown eyes that are the main attributes of his.

Movies: that Is Adrian Alonso? experienced Career

Talking around his experienced career, Alonso began his job from very early age the seven. That debuted together a kid actor in Televisa CEA, whereby he joined the cast of the pat ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ 

Similarly, the young actor shown the duty of Chip, the cup. That exact same year, Alonso showed up in Ladron de corazones and also El alma herida, both on the little screen. Likewise, Alonso do his silver display debut the complying with year v the movie, Voces Inocentes as Chele. 

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That year, the mexican actor additionally took part in soap operas and also acted in ‘The Thief that Hearts‘ wounded heart of Argos and also Telemundo. Similar to that he showed up in dozens of movies consisting of The Legend the Zorro(2005), ns Love Miami(2006), One long Night(2007), Casi Divas(2008), Cristiada(2012), A people of Raul(2012), and also a few others.

Adrian Alonso together a kid actor

On the very same line, Alonso has additionally acted in plenty of television mirrors including XHDRbZ(2007), La Rosa de Guadalupe(2010,2015), El Sexo devil(2011), Yago(2016), El Chema(2016), Sr. Avilla(2013-2018), Como dice el dicho(2013-20118), and also many more.

Not come mention, in 2005, this young actor received the Young Artist Award for his power in the movie, The Legend the Zorro. and also he received another one in 2007 for Under the exact same Moon. 

Personal Life: who Is Adrian Alonso’s Wife?

Adrian is a well-known actor who has actually charmed his method into the understanding of many female fans. Many have been curious around his life, including his love life. However, this young man is very secretive once it concerns his date life.

As a issue of fact, there is not much we can talk around regarding his love interest. Sure he might have dated couple of women, however none of them have actually been taped in public. But earlier in 2007, Alonso dated attracted Sidora.

Aside from that, over there is tiny to no details on his love life. It appears the actor is more interested in play it safe then exposing it. Well, Alonso is tho young, and also we room sure the is associated in a few.

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Be assured, we will update on this matter as shortly as we get some information.

Early Life and also Education

As discussed above, Alonso began as a son actor in the entertain industry. Born come his parents, Tono Alonso and also Liliana Barona, Adriana is a Mexican. Not to mention, the was increased in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico.

Similarly, this young mexico actor has not pointed out much once it concerns his family. Hence, there is no info on his siblings and so on.

Aside native that, Alonso’s educational background is also under the dark at the moment.

Net Worth and also Income: how Much Does that Earn?

Recipient of Young Artist Award and many more, Alonso has operated in an ample amount the movies and television shows throughout his career. No only has actually he collected fame however earned a substantial amount that money as well.

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As the 2019, this exceptional actor has actually an estimated net worth of $1 million. However, as well as this, the young 25-year-old actor has not revealed his complete income and also earnings. Yet we deserve to safely assume that it should be somewhere roughly the line of six-digits.