Yeah you can, together you go into from the main menu click on the family you great to include a center to, click much more and at the bottom there will be a "manage household" option. A window with all family members will appear (if you move to the "unplayed household" section, default dwellings will appear and you can edit them too). (Also take keep in mind of just how you should use modify in cas or you can lose the extra people). MCCC MCCC setups Gameplay setups Maximum family Size ". This setup allows overriding the default EA maximum family size that 8 to an additional value, up to 25. Keep in mind that when you have much more than 8 Sims in a household. Shift-click a center to cause age transition or change traits. Shift-click a non-household sim to add them to her household. Shift-click anywhere on the ground to teleport to that location. Shift-click your rectal to force events and also opportunities because that raises, promotions, and also more. Shift-click the mailbox to do friends, pressure visitors, and more.

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Learn how The Gallery works in The Sims 4, and find out exactly how to share your content with various other players.How perform I share my Sims, Lots and also Rooms in the Gallery?The collection is your opportunity to re-superstructure your creative thinking with other players of The Sims 4. Once you"ve make your center or Lot, save them to include them to my Library. Currently you deserve to open the Gallery and navigate come the “My Library” tab to see the contents you’ve created. Pick whatever you want to share and also then click on the Cloud symbol in the bottom left corner to upload your contents to the Gallery.How do I download contents from the Gallery?You have the right to download Sims, houses, and anything else uploaded come the gallery right right into your game.Sims deserve to be carried in from the gallery either produce A center (CAS) or Live Mode.

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In CAS, the Gallery button is in the upper right, beside the save Household button (it can likewise be opened up by hitting F4). Uncover user-created families under the neighborhood tab.

Clicking the Save icon will bring a family into your Library in the Gallery, and hitting the Wrench symbol will carry that family members into CAS so friend can modify them.While in Live Mode, you can go to the gallery to uncover a Sim and also merge them v your family instantly.To obtain a house or room from the Gallery, open construct Mode, get in the Gallery and also select a lot to download. Click the attach in the bottom ideal to pull the lot of into develop mode.Why are things missing from this sim/house i downloaded native the Gallery?Sims and Lots uploaded to the Gallery may contain practice or to exclude, content. This content will be lacking from downloaded stuff if friend don"t have actually it installed to her computer. If you have actually the contents installed however it"s still missing, you may need come restart your game in order for it to take it effect.

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