There room 20 reality puzzles in "Assassin"s Creed 2." six of these puzzles are mythic scenes the share a main point similarity. The just puzzle that actually claims this in the hint is the puzzle "In the Beginning." However, all 6 of this puzzle difficulties require the player to pick the 5 paintings from the group that re-superstructure a common similarity. This main point similarity is proclaimed in the hint, yet never stated plainly.

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The hint for this puzzle is "Five of these mythic scenes share a core similarity. Pick them out and also you"ll begin to see." The an initial line is both part of the instructions and the hint. In this and future puzzles, players must find the 5 paintings through a typical theme. However, main point is likewise the reservation here. The five paintings all have actually an apple what in the scene. These five paintings space the solution: Atalanta and also Hippomenes, referee of Paris, Idun and the Apples, The Fall and Hercules in the Garden of Hesperides.

This puzzle"s hints is "The strength they wielded cut down your enemies." The main point similarity of this scenes is cut, which describes the five paintings the contain a sword. The correct 5 paintings room Perseus, Greece; Attila the Hun, Eurasia; King Arthur, Britannia; Sigmund, Nose; and also Joan of Arc, France.

This puzzle bear the hints “In your hands, the way lean on a good force.” The five correct paintings share the core similarity of miscellaneous one can “lean on”, i m sorry is a staff. The 5 paintings the contain a staff are Shabataka, Egypt; Peter, Jerusalem; Moses, Egypt; man the Baptist, Jerusalem; and also Alexander the Great, Macedonia.

The hint because that this puzzle is “First plucked from a tree guarded by a snake, its powers do miracles. Then, worn across the ages, torn asunder, covert under a sea that red, rebuild the time-line.” This hint is clouded with useless information; “red” is the core similarity. The five correct paints contain the color red and they room Christ Disrobed, Jerusalem, c. 30; Joseph, Egypt, c. 1,700 B.C.E; Jesus Christ, Jerusalem, c. 30; David and also Goliath, valley of Elah, c. 970 B.C.E; and also Jason, Greece, Prehistory.

This puzzle’s note is “The seeds were planted as two worlds ended up being one. Behold, the Assassins, the kids of two worlds.” This hint requires knowledge about the Greek myths. The core similarity is “children of 2 worlds” which refers to kids born that a mortal and a god. The correct 5 paintings save on computer both a mortal and also a god. These paintings are Jupiter and also Io, Danae saw by Zeus, Cupid and Psyche, Leda and the Swan and Rape that Europa.

This puzzle bear the hint “Once worshipped, now ignored, indigenous a street it watches and waits.” choose “Bloodlines,” this puzzle calls for knowledge around myths. The main point similarity ad to below is the Sun. That is referred to both directly and also indirectly within the five correct paintings. The puzzle’s solution is this paintings: Aztec Calendar Stone, 1427; The eastern Gate, 1816; Sistine Chapel Ceiling Fresco, 1512; Nazca Textile, c. 200; and Book the the Dead, c. 1310 B. C. E.

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