Before mounting the device, you’ll need to configure it via the jumper switch located on the rear of the drive.

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SCSI i would setting:


The three leftmost jumpers are used to configure the drive’s SCSI identifier number. This have the right to be assigned a worth of 0 through 7.

Usually, 7 is booked for the SCSI host adapter card and 0 is booked for a SCSI-based C: difficult disk drive.

In this situation the associated User Guide directs use of a number in between 1 and also 6, and also advises the the factory setup is 3.

Each peripheral attached come a SCSI-2 organize adapter card, as well as the map itself, need to be assigned a distinct SCSI id number from 0 come 15 (0 to 7 because that SCSI-1). A SCSI ID uniquely identifies every SCSI machine on the SCSI bus and also determines priority as soon as two or much more devices space trying to use the SCSI bus at the same time.

Each maker on the chain, including the host, need to be identified by a unique ID number. One SCSI an equipment must not use the very same ID number together another, yet they may be numbered non-sequentially. Most SCSI hold adapters feature external and internal connectors, v the option for the chain to expand in either or both directions. There’s no relationship between the IDs and also the physical place on the bus, but both ends have to be electrically terminated through resistors to stop signal reflections and also guarantee data verity over long cable lengths. Termination comes in numerous varieties, from physical jumpers or plugs to software configurations.

Here space some basic guidelines because that SCSI IDs:

For interior SCSI peripherals, the SCSI ID normally is set by configuring a jumper on the peripheral.For external SCSI peripherals, the SCSI ID usually is collection with a switch on the earlier of the peripheral.SCSI ID numbers don’t have to be sequential, as long as the SCSI organize adapter card and each peripheral has actually a different number. Because that example, you deserve to have an inner SCSI peripheral v ID 0, and an external SCSI peripheral with ID 6. Gaps in the succession of number don’t matter.SCSI i would 7 has actually the highest priority top top the SCSI bus. The priority the the continuing to be IDs, in diminish order, is 6 to 0, 15 to 8.SCSI host adapter cards are usually preset come SCSI i would 7 and should not be changed. This offers it the greatest priority on the SCSI bus.Most inner SCSI difficult disk cd driver come indigenous the manufacturing facility preset to SCSI id 0.If you have 8-bit SCSI peripherals, they should use SCSI IDs 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. SCSI id 0 is recommended because that the very first SCSI tough disk drive.

Parity setting:


Parity ON (with a jumper)

– Parity check will it is in performed.Parity OFF (without a jumper)– Parity inspect will not be performed.

Terminator setting:


The terminator setup indicates even if it is or not a device is the critical in the chain:

Terminator ON (with a jumper)

– use this setup if the CD-ReWriter is the last maker in the interior SCSI daisy-chain.Terminator OFF (without a jumper)– use this setting if there are other devices in the interior SCSI daisy chain after the CD-ReWriter.

Block size setting:


Block dimension ON (with a jumper)

– Block dimension is set to 512Byte/sector. Typically used because that UNIX workstations.

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Block dimension OFF (without a jumper)– The normal setting for windows PCs.
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