A Rich man Needs Puzzle is the recent riddle trending ~ above the web nowadays. Here in this puzzle, we need to fill the 4 blank with a 7 letter word that fits all four blanks. This puzzle is quite an easy but people across the human being are not able to fix it. So right here we are with the help that friend need. In this post, we are going to provide the A Rich male Needs puzzle answer. For this reason let us acquire started.

A Rich male Needs Puzzle

A rich male needs ____ A bad man has actually ____ If you eat ____ you’ll die and when you dice you’ll take it ____ v you! One indigenous fits all blank spaces, it is a seven letter word. What is the answer?

A Rich man Needs Puzzle Answer

The correct answer come A Rich man Needs Puzzle is Nothing

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A Rich guy Needs Puzzle Solution

A rich man needs nothing. A negative man has nothing. If you eat nothing you die & once you dice you deserve to take nothing through you

Solution Breakup:-

1. The rich man needs Nothing

2. A negative man has actually Nothing 

3. If you eat Nothing you’ll die 

4. And when you die you’ll take Nothing v you!

So, A Rich male Needs Puzzle answer is Nothing


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