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Click below to watch ALL problems on Probability-and-statisticsQuestion 792437: *Below is the question I to be trying come answer:A multiple-choice check has five questions, each v five choices for the answer. Only among the choices is correct. You randomly assumption: v the prize to each question. What is the probability that you answer the very first two concerns correctly? *Below room the procedures given:Ans: (1/5)^2 *(4/5)^3 = 0.0205*This is where I to be confused. Ns am having trouble with setup this difficulty up, i would favor to recognize the reasoning behind this setup for similar problems have the right to you action me v the steps of how I should method this problem? please don"t skip anything, I have to see "B" to acquire to "C". Give thanks to your help. This website really helps. Prize by KMST(5295)
(Show Source): You have the right to put this solution on your website! The probability the you answer every question effectively is .The probability the you answer each concern wrong is .The probability that you answer each question appropriately (or wrong) is live independence of how the other questions were answered, for this reason the probabilities are multiplied. Is the probability of answering simply the very first two inquiries correctly, and also the various other three questions wrong. of the times you would have actually answered the first question correctly.Out of those times, the them girlfriend would have actually answered the 2nd question correctly.That way that the time the first two concerns would have been answered correctly. That is the probability of answering the first two questions correctly, no caring what happens v the third, fourth, and fifth questions.The way the trouble is worded, ns would have actually thought that was the intended answer come the problem.

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Out of the the the time the first two concerns would it is in answered correctly, of those times you would obtain the third question wrong.So the the times you would certainly answer the first two questions correctly, and the third question wrong.Out of those times, in the the cases, girlfriend would gain the fourth question wrong.So the the time you would answer the first two questions correctly, and the third and 4th questions wrong.Out of those times, in that the cases, girlfriend would acquire the 5th question wrong.So that the time you would certainly answer the an initial two questions correctly, and the third, fourth and fifth concerns wrong.