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AMad Tea Party | Prose4 |English 7th | Tulip series |(LewisCarrol)

Workingwith the Text

(A)Answer this questions:

Q1.How were the pets using the Dormouse?

Ans.The animals were utilizing the Dormouse together a cushion and talking end its head.

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Q2.Why walk the Dormouse no object to being offered as a cushion?

Ans.The Dormouse did not object since he to be in fast asleep in between the MarchHare and also Hatter.

Q3.Alice and also March Hare thought about each various other impolite.

a)Was the march Hare impolite?

Ans. Asthe march Hare made fun of Alice by providing her the alcohol without having actually wineon the table, this shows that he to be impolite.

b)In what way was Alice impolite?

Ans.Alice to be impolite due to the fact that she join the party without being invite by, the animals.

Q4.What to be the 2 points, which perplexed Alice in the story of the Dormouse?

Ans. The very first point which perplexed Alice was that the sisters were life in the love husband well,and the second point was the they were learning to attract the love husband andeverything that begins with one M, the end of honey-well.

Q5.Why walk Alice leaving the party?

Ans.Alice left the party because she could not bear the rudeness of baht andMarch Hare.

(B)Say even if it is the complying with statements room True or False:

i. “Idon’t see any type of wine,” Alice remarked. True

ii. TheDormouse gradually closed his eyes. False

iii.“You can attract water the end of water-well,” said the Hatter. False

iv.Alice to be disgusted. True

v. The Dormousewas gift put right into the teapot. True

Language Work

Findat least 5 Wh-questions and five Yes/No questions from the story and also writethem under in the space provided:


1. Whydid castle live at the bottom the the well?

2. Whatdid lock draw?

3.Where walk they draw the honey, from?

4. Whatdid lock live on?

5. Whois making an individual remarks now?


1. Doyou think that you can find out the answer come it?

2. Have actually you guessed the riddle yet?

3. Doyou need some money?

4. Room you comes to my residence tomorrow?

5.Shall we go top top a picnic for 2 days?

Grammar Work

Usethe verb in the correct form (past continuous and an easy past) to makemeaningful sentences.

1.Javid to be waiting (wait) because that me as soon as I arrived(arrive).

2. Whatwere (be) girlfriend doing (do) this timeyesterday?

3. Myfriendtook(take) a photo of mine while i waslooking (look) in ~ the flowers.

4. Wewere in a very challenging position. Us did not know(not/know) what to do.

5. Ihaven’t checked out Geeta for ages. Once I critical saw (see) her,she was trying (try) to uncover a project in Srinagar.

6. She burned(burn) her hand once she was food preparation (cook) dinner.

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7. Ns saw(see) friend in the park yesterday. Friend were sitting (sit) onthe grass and reading a book.