HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. (mmsanotherstage2019.com) - Heidi Wyrick\"s roller coaster suffer with the paranormal world started when she was just three years old...

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She vividly remembers she times with Mr. Gordy, the an initial spirit she ever connected with.

The old man appeared in the backyard of she family\"s Ellerslie house from time come time, and also at Heidi\"s young age, she had no clue the wasn\"t real.

\"I saw that up till I to be eight years old, top top an everyday day basis. We would certainly sit and have conversations...then he would certainly take me by the hand, and we would go swing,\" stated Wyrick.

\"I would view her out in the yard, and see she hand raised, holding someone\"s hand. Many times I would hear her talking, however never heard anybody speak back,\" stated Lisa Wyrick, Heidi\"s mother.

As she grew older, spirits started coming to Heidi in various forms...humans, animals, and sometimes, figures she couldn\"t also explain.

\"I deserve to sense when it\"s one evil visibility or if it\"s a great presence. If I can sense evil, friend wouldn\"t believe the feel you have the right to get...I\"ve to be literally to be sick to my stomach,\" stated Wyrick.

\"When the negative spirits began coming into play, it obtained difficult...she would always describe him together a dark figure, having no features, just like a silhouette. Together a parent,you don\"t know just how to address it due to the fact that you don\"t know exactly how to defend her. If it was someone real, you would know what to do,\" stated Wyrick\"s mother.

The media soon picked increase on Heidi\"s story, and shined a worldwide spotlight ~ above her and also her family.

After a exploration Channel documentary, a publication detailing her early years and appearances in ~ paranormal conferences almost everywhere the world, many civilization have linked with Heidi and also her struggles.

\"It method so lot to me to assist people out there who room going with the exact same thing as me,\" stated Wyrick.

Some the end there, though, remain skeptics, and also openly slam the Wyrick family.

Hateful comments around Heidi fill internet message board on plenty of paranormal net sites, reflecting just how polarizing a number she can be.

\"You\"ll have people think you 100%, and also then some people think you\"re crazy... There\"s no in-between,\" stated Wyrick.

Even with all the media attention, Heidi has actually tried to command as common a life together possible, ultimately getting married to she husband Aaron and starting a job in the medical field.

Now 22 year old, Heidi is progressively learning exactly how to address her inexplicable gift.

\"Most the the time, I\"ve learned to keep a lot of it to myself, and I yes, really don\"t even notice it. You get used to seeing things after a while,\" stated Wyrick.

Only the civilization closest to she really recognize when miscellaneous is going on inside her head.

Heidi has due to the fact that moved from her residence in Harris County, yet she still continues to check out visions everywhere her brand-new home in Columbus.

Even v all the impressive yet scary points Heidi has experienced, she special gifts do come with a price.

Not a job goes by whereby Heidi doesn\"t wish her life can have been normal.

\"Everyday, everyday, ns wish these points wouldn\"t have actually happened since my life would be so lot different...I wouldn\"t be well-known for something prefer this,\" said Wyrick.

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