11. A bacterial cell exhibiting chemotaxis more than likely has A. fimbriae.B. a capsule.C. thylakoids.D. flagella.E. metachromatic granules.

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12. The prokaryotes flagellum has three parts in the order indigenous cytoplasm to exterior environment. Lock are A. filament, hook, and basal body.B. filament, basal body, and also hook.C. basal body, hook, and filament.D. hook, basal body, and also filament.E. basal body, filament, and also hook.



13. Movement that a cell towards OR away from a chemistry stimulus is termed: A. phototaxis.B. taxis.C. chemotaxis.D. tumble.E. motility.




14. The short, countless appendages used by part bacterial cells because that adhering to surfaces room called A. flagella.B. cilia.C. fimbriae.D. periplasmic flagella (axial filaments).E. sex pili.



15. The transfer of genes throughout bacterial conjugation involves rigid, tubular appendages called A. flagella.B. cilia.C. fimbriae.D. periplasmic flagella (axial filaments).E. sex pili.



16. Which structure protects bacteria from gift phagocytized? A. slime layerB. fimbriaeC. cell membraneD. capsule



17. The result of the Gram stain is based upon differences in the cell's A. ribosomes.B. inclusions.C. cell wall.D. cell membrane.E. flagella.

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18. Which order listed below reflects the exactly procedure because that Gram staining? A. alcohol/acetone, decision violet, safranin, iodineB. crystal violet, alcohol/acetone, iodine, safraninC. crystal violet, iodine, alcohol/acetone, safraninD. iodine, safranin, decision violet, alcohol/acetoneE. alcohol/acetone, safranin, decision violet, iodine



19. The cell _____ deserve to be created of 3 layers: the cabinet membrane, the cell wall, and the outer membrane. A. glycocalyxB. envelopeC. pathogenic packageD. slime coat



20. During the Gram stain, gram-_____ cell decolorize as soon as the alcohol is applied. A. positiveB. negativeC. Both confident and negative are correct.D. Neither positive nor an adverse are correct.