Remember that a percent is really simply a special means of expressing a portion as a number the end of 100 .

To transform a fraction to a percent, very first divide the numerator by the denominator. Climate multiply the decimal by 100 .

the is, the portion 4 8 can be converted to decimal by splitting 4 by 8 . It have the right to be convert to percent by multiply the decimal through 100 .

4 ÷ 8 = 0.5 0.5 × 100 = 50

So, the portion 4 8 is equivalent to 50 % .

instance 1:

write 2 25 together a percent.

because 25 is bigger than 2 , in order to divide, we must add a decimal suggest and some zeroes ~ the 2 . We may not know how countless zeroes to add but it doesn"t matter. If we add too many we have the right to erase the extras; if we don"t add enough, we can add more.



Therefore, the fraction 2 25 is tantamount to 8 % .

Look at the image below, it mirrors that the portion 2 25 is same as 8 the end of 100 , that is, 8 % .


instance 2:

write 7 4 together a percent.

division 7 through 4 .



7 4 = 1.75 1.75 × 100 = 175

Therefore, the fraction 7 4 is indistinguishable to 175 % .

instance 3:

write 1 8 together a percent.

divide 1 through .



1 8 = 0.125 0.125 × 100 = 12.5

Therefore, the fraction 1 8 is equivalent to 12.5 % .

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