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Hi everyoneJust bought a 2005 Magnum v the Hemi, just 52k miles. I bought it and drove it residence (about 50 miles) and noticed the temperature gauge wasn"t working, it was hidden at every the means to the left. So, I replaced the temperature sensor and also drove it about but that still did no budge turn off of COLD. Once I eliminated the old sensor, i was surprised the no coolant dribbled out. Is the normal? The car doesn"t seem come overheat, and also the coolant level is not low. Any thoughts top top why this won"t move? The gauge is analog, by the way.Thank in advance.
. . . Simply bought a 2005 Magnum with the Hemi, just 52k miles. I bought it and also drove it home (about 50 miles) and noticed the temperature gauge wasn"t working, that was hidden at all the method to the left. So, I replaced the temperature sensor and also drove it approximately but it still did not budge turn off of COLD. Once I gotten rid of the old sensor, i was surprised that no coolant dribbled out. Is the normal? The auto doesn"t seem come overheat, and the coolant level is not low. Any type of thoughts ~ above why this won"t move? . . . . .

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There is just ONE sensor top top the engine for coolant temperature. The is situated near the thermostat housing, prior of engine, under the air conditioning compressor. You would have to remove the compressor to acquire access. I suspect you readjusted another sensor and that is why you did not see any kind of coolant????The engine coolant sensor sends out an analog signal come the PCM (powertrain manage module). The is converted right into a digital signal and is used by the PCM to collection the ideal air-fuel mixture by varying the injector pulse timing. If the engine coolant temperature was sending an erroneous signal I doubt the check engine / malfunction indicator lamp would be illuminated. Is this lamp illuminated???Once the PCM has the engine temperature in digital format, it sends out this information through the deserve to bus (controller area network) to the reasonable chip in the instrument cluster. The instrument cluster interprets the engine temperature signal and also varies electric current through the temperature gauge because that the suitable positioning that the dial pointer.Does the speedometer and also fuel gauge work correctly? If YES climate you recognize the instrument swarm is receiving ideal signals top top the network so network interaction is not the issue. I suspect there is a problem with the temperature gauge chin or there is a crack in a wiring trace on the published circuit plank in the instrument cluster.You have the right to perform a test of the instrument cluster to recognize if the reasonable chip in the swarm is able to drive every one of the gauges and also power up every lamps in the cluster. Follow these instructions to test.ACTUATOR TESTThe instrument swarm actuator check will placed the tool cluster into its self-diagnostic mode. In this setting theinstrument cluster deserve to perform a self-diagnostic test that will confirm that the instrument swarm circuitry, the gauges,and the indications are qualified of operating as designed. During the actuator check the instrument swarm circuitry willposition each of the gauge needles at miscellaneous calibration points and also illuminate all of the segment in the VacuumFluorescent display screen (VFD) units.Successful completion of the actuator test will certainly confirm that the instrument cluster is operational. However, there maystill it is in a problem with the have the right to data bus, the Powertrain manage Module (PCM), the Front manage Module (FCM),the Transmission regulate Module (TCM), the Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC), the Controller Anti-lock Brake(CAB), or the tough wired input to among these electronic manage modules. Use a diagnostic scan tool to diagnosethese components. Describe the appropriate diagnostic information.1. Start the test through the ignition switch in the off position.2. Depress the odometer/trip odometer move button.3. While tho holding the odometer/trip odometer switch button depressed, turn the ignition move to the on position,but execute not begin the engine.4. Relax the odometer/trip odometer switch button.5. The tool cluster will simultaneously start to illuminate all of the operational segments in both VFD units,and do a bulb check of every operational LED indicator. The VFD segments and also LED signs remainilluminated together each gauge needle is swept to several calibration points and also back. If a VFD segment or an LEDindicator falls short to illuminate, or if a gauge needle stops working to sweep through the calibration clues and ago during thistest, the tool cluster must be replaced.6. The actuator test is now completed. The instrument swarm will instantly exit the self-diagnostic mode andreturn to normal procedure at the completion of the test. The actuator test will be aborted if the ignition move isturned come the off position, or if a car speed post indicating that the vehicle is moving is got from thePCM end the deserve to data bus during the test.7. Go earlier to action 1 to repeat the test, if necessary.