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I am experiencing and suttle jerk in the steering as soon as turning. It practically feels prefer it would if you were trying to revolve while in 4 wheel drive. I have lifted the front finish of the truck up and tried to rock the tires to inspect for sphere joint issues but everything appears tight. I also turned the wheel every the means to every side and rotated the tires yet still there appears to it is in no play with the U-joints. Is there an additional issue like the Steering equipment that might be resulting in this? walk I inspect the U Joints properly?
It is her drive axle U-joints.Try transforming the steering wheel and then rotating the tires. It need to jump best out in ~ you. The problem with mine was that the joint was binding - not loose.
Yes that is the u joints! I had actually the same thing occur on my truck.l referred to as the dealer and they claimed they have had actually a most them grab up, not obtain sloppy. Mine truck had actually 65k, they addressed it under warranty.
I have actually done my steering axle u joints double now. Dealer walk them under warranty. That just lasted 25,000 miles before the seized increase i have greasable people in there
I have actually done mine steering axle u joints double now. Dealer go them under warranty. That only lasted 25,000 miles before the seized up i have actually greasable persons in there
just since its greaseable the does not mean that grease actually renders it come the cups...especially if its a precision brand joint, learned mine lesson a couple times on mine truck and a pair other trucks that were being offered commercially, spicer no greasable space the best...IF installed correctly(instruction in the box!)here is a pic of my "greasable" u-joint, my truck saw 8-10hours that stop/go city driving every day and also I greased the joints every month (approx 5000kms a month)


I drilled out the plastic nossels look at the grease currently that gets to the cups, the nossel for some factor will plug up, grease i do not know lub the cups and they sieze up. I did drill a collection of precision joints on an additional truck and they organized up far better but still failed after around a year that use

2003, QC/SB. Leaf Juice,Hot, AirDog150/BMS50 nozzles s & b CAI, BD Flex plate/tripple loc T/C. Georend VB/ trans rebuilt by Me. Bilstien5100. Carli coils, waiting Bags. RETIRED military Mechanic (20yrs)
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I guess i willl need to rethink my selection next time. Anyone rather got any kind of input as to what U-joints to go with?
I gained 350,000 out of the last precision u joint in the passenger side.I usually acquire pretty an excellent performance indigenous them.
road medicI never got an ext than 8-9 month(50,000kms), and neither did any kind of of the various other 3 dodges in the fleet, ns blame the plastic end plate v the nozzel, it constantly seemed to it is in plugged increase on removal of joint. The spicer non grease-able joints if installed correctly worked finest for me, the seals on them definitely keep the crap out and also the grease an intown courior, these trucks are hard driven and parts stay fast, lock may have lasted longer if we had been act hi-way work,glad girlfriend got an excellent service indigenous them, ns dont think the the norm, however with the miles you journey you should be doing something right!
2003, QC/SB. Leaf Juice,Hot, AirDog150/BMS50 nozzles s&b CAI, BD Flex plate/tripple loc T/C. Georend VB/ infectious diseases worldwide rebuilt through Me. Bilstien5100. Carli coils, waiting Bags. RETIRED military Mechanic (20yrs)
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