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Im installing a mechanical oil pressure gauge on my 89 351. The cursed stock oil sending unit is listed below the oil filter and also its a pain in the a$$ come reach. Ns dont also see where I can get a wrench at the base whereby it is attached to the block. Seems favor is round there at the neck. Exactly how in the hell carry out you take it this off? What type of thread will certainly be in ~ the block, and also is oil walking to to water our out favor a waterfall!!! I currently have the tube routed, but Im stock at the damn sending out unit. Any ideas or other areas where I deserve to plug this in? ns dont desire to T it, ns will get rid of that sending unit and also ground the wire..Any assist is appreciated!:banghead
There need to be a one-of-a-kind socket essential to adjust that sender.I would need to see it yet it will be pipeline thread.Probly 1/8 pipe. Cant you insanity in at the ago of the entry manifold in the height of the oil galley because that the electronic came bearings?? I know on the 302s friend can.They have actually a pipeline plug threaded into the block.Long together its no running oil will just drip/run out as soon as you remove the sender or plug.Mike
Its a very little sender. I assumed by looking in ~ the pics on this site, the it would certainly be bigger. Maybe on the older models, it is. Im not sure how to go about taking that out. Im afraid to rest it in ~ the base and then be SOL. Favor I said, the is tough to get to the damn point in the first place, so that complicates it. Im no sure around tapping into the block. Fairly use an present hole. Im not that great at this..

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Ill shot the tool but..

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I wonder if I can put the oil push sender top top this bolt (marked top top red)??? Its over the oil filter...:whiteflag

You have to remove the sender,find a deep socket that fits to eliminate the sender.You could additionally remove the fan,fan shrould,alternator belt,unbolt the A/C compressor(and relocate it aside),unbolt the the P/S pump bracket(and relocate it aside)then you would certainly have access to the sender with a wrench or(ugh)adjustable wrench.
OK guys, ultimately got come the freaking sending unit and got to eliminate it. I had actually to use a huge socket, but I acquired it out. Placed in the aftermarket ~ above in the place. Im reading about 22 psi in ~ idle and around 40-45 psi while running at higher speeds. This is ~ the engine warms up... Is this an excellent to go???!!
IM NOT certain THE FORD SPECS but GENERALLY top top A power ENGINE YOU desire 10LBS because that EVERY thousands RPM THE MOTOR will BE TURNING.SO IF in ~ 5K RPM YOU have actually 45 LBS thats ALITTLE LOW.BUT i DOUBT YOU will certainly BE BEATING on IT that HARD.SO YOU should BE FINEMIKE :thumbup

It"s sho" nuff" much easier on a 302

That"s me retaining my stocker and adding an aftermarket sending out unit because that the aftermarket guage.Sixlitre
I have a leaks on both mine valve consists so ns not certain if that will influence the reading. What is common oil press readings on this older engines??Next gauge ns buy will certainly be because that the transmission. Can I use the same gauge/sender I offered for the coolant temperature??
I have actually a leaks top top both mine valve consists so ns not sure if that will impact the reading. What is normal oil pressure readings top top this enlarge engines??Next gauge ns buy will be for the transmission. Can I use the very same gauge/sender I offered for the coolant temperature??