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What"s the proper distance and height to aim headlights?I"m assuming there"s some particular distance you have the right to park indigenous a wall surface at night, and your headlight beams have to be approximately at a details height. An excellent lord the rhymes!
I"m running 8" of elevator on my lamb now and also want to re-aim the headlights for this reason I"m no blinding oncoming dare (and cops haha).
2010 3500 Reg cab Dually6" Pure power suspension35" Swamper SSRsColor matched grille/bumper2011 1500 RCSB sports in Deep Water BlueStock LOL1984 W350 crew cab shortbed6" Skyjacker lift4.10"s35" BFG"sHeaders, double Flowmasters

2010 3500 Reg cab Dually6" Pure power suspension35" Swamper SSRsColor suitable grille/bumper2011 1500 RCSB sport in Deep Water BlueStock LOL1984 W350 crew cab shortbed6" Skyjacker lift4.10"s35" BFG"sHeaders, double Flowmasters
i commonly aim low beams at about somewhere in in between 3-4 ft then try it out at night and also if ppl flash your lights then readjust them accordingly
From my 2001 service manual 9sorry, no pictures):ADJUSTMENTSLAMP ALIGNMENT display PREPARATION(1) Position automobile on a level surface ar perpendicularto a flat wall surface 7.62 meter (25 ft) away from frontof headlamp lens (Fig. 20).(2) If necessary, ice a heat on the floor 7.62meters (25 ft) far from and also parallel to the wall.(3) up 1.27 meter (5 feet) indigenous the floor, ice cream aline on the wall at the centerline of the vehicle. Sightalong the centerline the the vehicle (from rear of vehicleforward) come verify accuracy the the line placement.(4) Rock auto side-to-side 3 times to allowsuspension come stabilize.(5) Jounce prior suspension 3 times through pushingdownward on prior bumper and releasing.(6) measure the street from the facility of headlamplens to the floor. Transfer measurement come thealignment display (with tape). Usage this heat forup/down convey reference.(7) Measure street from the centerline of thevehicle to the center of each headlamp being aligned.Transfer measurements to display (with tape) to eachside of vehicle centerline. Use these lines because that left/right mediate reference.VEHICLE ready FOR HEADLAMPALIGNMENT(1) Verify headlamp dimmer switch and also high beamindicator operation.(2) Verify headlamps are collection for low beam operation.(3) correct defective materials that can hinderproper headlamp alignment.(4) Verify proper tire inflation.(5) Clean headlamp lenses.(6) Verify that luggage area is not greatly loaded.(7) Fuel tank should be FULL. Include 2.94 kg (6.5lbs.) of load over the fuel tank because that each estimatedgallon of absent fuel.HEADLAMP ADJUSTMENTHeadlamps deserve to be aligned utilizing the display screen methodprovided or alignment tool C-4466–A or equivalentcan be used. Refer to the instructions noted withthe device for ideal procedures.A correctly aimed short beam headlamp will projecttop sheet of high intensity pattern on display from 50mm (2 in.) above to 50 mm (2 in.) below headlampcenterline. The side-to-side outboard sheet of highintensity pattern have to be indigenous 50 mm (2 in.) left to50 mm (2 in.) appropriate of headlamp centerline. (Fig. 20)The preferred headlamp alignment is 1” downfor the up/down adjustment and also 0 because that the left/right adjustment. The high beam pattern have to becorrect as soon as the short beams are aligned properly.To change headlamp aim, turn alignment screws(Fig. 21) to attain the stated high intensity pattern.

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