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Maintenance Schedule

The complying with intervals are based on the assumption that you will certainly be doing the organization work yourself, together opposed to paying to have actually the work done. These room our encourage minimum maintain intervals because that vehicles the are pushed daily, and also in many cases are much shorter than the factory’s recommendations. Due to the fact that frequent maintenance improves the efficiency, performance and also resale value of her Jeep, us encourage friend to monitor our schedule. If you journey in dusty areas, tow a trailer, idle or journey at short speeds for prolonged periods, or journey for quick periods (less than 4 miles at a time) in listed below freezing temperatures, even smaller intervals space recommended.

When the car is new, monitor the maintain schedule come the letter, document it in her owner’s manual and keep every receipts to protect the warranty and resale value. In many situations the early stage maintenance examine is done by the dealer at no cost (check through the organization department as soon as you to buy the truck for more information).

Every 250 miles or weekly, whichever comes first

Check the engine oil levelCheck the coolant levelCheck the windshield washer fluid levelCheck the brake liquid levelCheck the tires and tire pressures

Every 3,000 mile or 3 months, whichever come first

All items detailed above, to add . . . 

Check the strength steering fluid levelChange the engine oil and filter

Every 6,000 mile or 6 months, whichever comes first

All items listed above, plus . . . 

Check the seat beltsInspect the windshield wiper bladesCheck and service the batteryCheck the engine drivebeltInspect underhood hosesCheck the cooling systemRotate the tiresCheck the differential lubricant level

Every 15,000 miles or 12 months, whichever come first

All items detailed above, plus . . . 

Check the driveaxle bootsCheck the fuel systemCheck the brake system*Check the exhaust systemCheck the transfer case lubricant level (AWD models)

Every 30,000 mile or 30 months, whichever come first

All items listed above, to add . .

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Change the brake fluidReplace the wait filterReplace the spark plugs (non-platinum or iridium type)Check the steering and suspension componentsChange the automatic transaxle fluid and also filter**

Every 60,000 mile or 48 months, whichever comes first

Change the transfer case lubricant*Change the differential lubricant*

Every 100,000 miles or 60 months, whichever comes first

Replace the spark plugs (platinum or iridium type)Service the cooling device (drain, flush and refill)

* do all maintenance suggested with an asterisk (*) at half the indicated intervals if operated under "severe" conditions. Severe problems include the following: 

Operating often in dusty areas (dirt roads or off-road)Idling for extended periods and/or low rate operationMostly quick trips (less than 4 miles) when external temperatures remain listed below freezingIf many of her driving is at freeway rate in temperatures above 90-degrees F (32-degrees C) 

** If operated under one or more of the adhering to conditions, execute this procedure at fifty percent the indicated intervals:

In heavy city website traffic where the exterior temperature is regularly over 90-degrees F (32-degrees C)In hilly or mountainous terrain Frequent trailer towingIf the auto has been pushed through deep water