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How to change the ATF in a 2011 Honda Pilot.

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4quarts of Honda ATF DW-11/2" socket extensions, such the socket+extensions is 2ft long17mm socket, 1/2"1/2" breaker bar (for the first time ever before taking the ATF filler bolt off)3/8" breaker bar (for acquisition off the ATF drainpipe bolt) step stool or little ladder (to placed the ATF to fill bolt back in easily)safety glasseswheel chocks

Went to my regional Honda Dealer"s Parts workdesk (Honda that Pasadena, NE corner of Allen and also Walnut, open up until 5pm top top Saturdays). They offer (4 quarts of Honda ATF DW-1 + the drainpipe plug washer) as a "kit." US$42.

Seems DW-1 is the replacement because that the no-longer-available ATF Z1. (I made sure to ask, together I automatically noticed the the ATF bottles provided to me didn"t match what I had written down to get.)

Parked our 2nd car in former of the house, moved the Honda Pilot right into the driveway, to job-related on. Constantly a an excellent idea to have actually the 2nd car "out", for drives for any needed tools or food runs, as soon as working on a vehicle ; ) ...Waited 30min because that the engine to cool down, for this reason the ATF would be warm, and also not scary-hot.

Have parking brake on, and also put wheel chocks top top both political parties of among the wheels, because that safety. Placed on eye protection, too.

Open auto hood. Because that the 2011 Honda Pilot, over there is no must remove the engine cover. If you put your confront right beside the brake fluid reservoir, and also look down, you deserve to see the ATF filler bolt. The is colored with some blue repaint on top, from the factory.

Using 1/2" extensions, and a 17mm socket, such the the full length that the extensions+socket is 2ft long, connect to the ATF filler bolt. Ease the filler bolt.

*** The an initial time effort to ease the filler bolt is scary. It to be on crazy-tight (did they use thread-lock compound?). Slowly and also carefully begin to add an ext and an ext torque using the breaker bar. Mine came loosened with a big -POP- sound. ***

Using the 3/8" breaker bar, insert it into the ATF drain plug at the bottom the the motor/transmission. It is the just "square hole" bolt at the bottom, about 1ft towards the driver"s next from wherein the oil adjust drain bolt is.

The ATF drain bolt uses a steel washer. If you carry out not watch it, the is one of two people sticking come the side of the transmission, or dropped into the ATF oil pan, and you"ll have actually to acquire dirty and also fish it out : )

Using a rag, clean the drainpipe bolt, the black color magnet of any type of metallic dust, and the washer. Once the ATF has actually finished draining, perhaps between 5min and 15min or so (just choose for a consistent engine oil change), reinstall the ATF drain bolt+washer, and also tighten. Perform not usage the breaker bars to reinstall, just use normal size tools and regular torque, to protect against stripping the aluminum threads.

Fully eliminate the ATF filler bolt+washer. Utilizing a ATF funnel, include 3.5 quarts of ATF right into the filler hole. Reinstall the ATF filler bolt+washer. Tighten. Perform not usage the breaker bars to reinstall, just use normal size tools and regular torque, to stop stripping the aluminum threads.

Check for leaks. Take it the vehicle on a short drive, therefore the ATF i do not care warm. Journey the car to a level surface, and check the ATF level through the dipstick. The ATF need to be between the two tiny holes in the dipstick. Adjust, if needed, by adding some ATF via the dipstick pipe through a small funnel/bigger funnel arrangement.

Document the mileage girlfriend did the ATF change. Net recommends an altering it a bit more often than the car"s computer system will suggest via company light. Ns am to plan on every 20,000 mile or so.

Car odometer at time the the ATF change: 40,022 miles.

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For my 2011 Honda Pilot, 3.5quarts was specifically the correct amount. Drove that for around 5minutes, then parked in the driveway, turned off the car, and checked the ATF dipstick. Bottom hole had ATF, peak hole was dry: precisely right.