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My Dealership quoted me about $175 to readjust my 2008 3.3L GC transmission filter/fluid.I asked if this is a job that I might do myself and was told yes but there is a "learning" step to get rid of shifting hardness afterward. Does anyone know around this step? and at what purpose of use should< this it is in done?I go not discover anything in this forum yet found some information on a Chrysler minivan forum...thought not actual definitive..Thanks
As much as i know, that relearning is only important after you adjust the transmission altogether, Not simply for a filter & fluid. Examine your owner"s manual for the recommended fluid and also filter intervals. Add the trans liquid that evade recommends in the manual too. If you simply drop the pan and adjust the filter, the will only take about 4 quarts to refill. If the trans fluid looks brown or smells burnt, climate you"ll want to take it it into a shop for the complete flush.
No matter exactly how much technology changes, there still isn"t much that can"t be resolved with the sensible and also practical application of a enlarge hammer.

You can definitely do it yourself and also there isn"t anything you have to do as far as what the dealer mentioned.Without a drain plug, it deserve to be messy. Your ideal bet is to loosen the bolts slowly, functioning from the front to the back. Since the back is the short point, the will begin to drain there. I gain it to the suggest where it just starts to drain and then go execute something else because that awhile. As soon as it stops, you have the right to then loosen the bolts and also drop the pan to perform the final drain and cleaning. Be certain to replace the O-ring ~ above the neck of the filter and only usage ATF+4.

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Thanks because that the info. Ns crack open up aircraft jet engines including their gearboxes daily at work so the sounds choose the typical oil large deal..just lots of rags :ugh

If you have actually a pump v a water tap you deserve to pump most of the liquid out first. Put the water tap down with the dipstick tube and start pumping. This won"t get it all out, however enough that won"t make a chaos everywhere.The retraining is only necessary if the tranny is changed,PCM adjusted or solonoids changed.
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