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I review in a post there is an aux harbor in the back of the van, ns cant find it.I simply purchased this 2007. I cant seem to find the Aux harbor for my ipod link near the radio or the ago of the van.Is there such a port? If not, is over there a link on just how to include one?Help?Thank you.
It"s the RCA port. Go on eBay, and also search "RCA come 3.5mm" and also get among those. Make certain it"s long enough.

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I think the AUX harbor is only accessible if you have the rear entertainment system. It"s over there to allow you to hook up video games, etc. Come the TV. If you have it, there will certainly be a set of RCA intake plugs under a flip-up covering on the driver"s next in front of the spare tire at the ago of the van.

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As stated, uneven you have actually the behind entertainment device (RES) then you perform not have actually a AUX harbor for the ipod in the rear. I have actually a 05 EXL and also was able to add a ipod attach just by plugging into the XM radio harbor in the driver side absent panel. There is right now one provided in the Buy/Sell/Trade ar of the forums. Execute a find for "Honda iPod interface i-honda-R4/5V Dice". Not an extremely hard come install.
Yeah, thanks guys, i dont have the RES version. I looked in the rear where the jack sits. There are no cabling there.I have th Dice unit because that my Bimmer. I hate it. I usage the controls ~ above the ipod due to the fact that the controls top top the dash not really job-related for me.Now ns looking right into this unit below. It is $100 much less than the Dice unit. Ns contacted the seller, he claimed it should be showing up in share soon. Ns tried browsing this forum, however no lucky on review. I could just change the head unit all with each other so ns just acquire an AUX port v it rather than purchase this GTA. Difficulty with GTA, you room stuck v ipod and also when the variation changes, your the end of luck. Through the aux port, ns will have the ability to plug in any kind of ipod or mp3 player and it doesnt issue if the variation changes. I will keep you posted.GTA MP3 player =$89