Timing belts and also timing chains carry out the same duty in the engine of her vehicle. They connected the crankshaft and also the camshaft come ensure that they relocate in perfectly synchronous time. Together the crankshaft spins and permits the pistons come rise and also fall in the cylinders, the crankshaft move at the same time many thanks to your timing belt or chain which permits the valves come open and close. In one interference engine, if the timing belts were to break, climate the pistons would certainly crash into the valves in the cylinders and could potentially reason serious damage to her engine.

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Auto Repairs space EXPENSIVE

If you journey a Lexus, possibilities are the is making use of a time chain quite than a time belt. Plenty of older models the Lexus vehicles supplied timing belts yet that was generally pre-2005 or 2006. Due to the fact that that time practically every automobile that Lexus makes has actually been outfitted with a timing chain quite than a time belt. Relying on the design it might be a slightly later year when the switch was made however for the most part you can expect that any contemporary Lexus is right now using a timing chain. 


The Difference between a time Chain or a time Belt


As we said, time chains and also timing belts do the same task in her engine. The main distinction is durability and also materials. The timing chain is really much prefer a bicycle chain. It"s make of metal, it"s sturdy, and it"s an extremely thick. A timing belt look at like any rubber belts the you can find under the hood the your auto such as a serpentine belt. It has actually teeth top top the inside that grip the gears top top the end of the crankshaft and also the camshaft so the it deserve to stay in place as they rotate. Although that is often called a rubber belt, they are generally made indigenous a composite material and also will include metal or even nylon threads to help strengthen the all at once structure.


As long lasting as timing belts are, they space obviously no as solid as a timing chain. Time belts have actually a propensity to stretch out over time, and also they might wear down or rest off too which can reason them to fail. For that reason, timing belts need some regimen maintenance come make sure that they space still in great working order. ~ above an older Lexus you"ll absolutely need to be doing this if the time belt is in ar because, ~ this many years, it"s very likely to start wearing down. A an excellent rule of ignorance is to give a time belt and also inspection every 30,000 miles or so, however they have tendency to it is in requiring replacement between 60,000 miles and 100,000 miles.


Timing chains offered to it is in par because that the course and also vehicles earlier in the day yet fell out of favour in the late 70s and through the 80s due to the fact that of cost-cutting measures. Timing chains room made the metal and are technically expected to critical the life of her vehicle. There"s no scheduled maintenance for a time chain however that doesn"t median they can"t fail together well. Mechanically failures, accidents, and other difficulties can result in the timing chain failing eventually. There"s no method to plan for the though, however it never damages to offer a time chain a visual inspection every as soon as in a while, as well.


Does A Lexus timing Chain ever before Need to be Replaced?


This is a tricky question to answer since it"s among those yes and no thanks. As we said, a timing chain is supposed to last the life of her engine however what specifically does the mean? The life of her engine on record is not necessarily the life that the engine inside her actual car. What that method is the a timing chain is designed come last because that 200,000 come 250,000 mile or so without any type of problems. However it"s feasible that it might fail at the point. That way that yes, the timing chain could fail ~ above you in ~ some allude even despite you"re quiet driving your Lexus and also it"s an otherwise an excellent condition.


The difficulty with timing chain fail is that they typically don"t have nearly as countless signs and also symptoms together a timing belt does as soon as it fails. As we said, a belt have the right to stretch out and also lose teeth, however it is much less likely to watch things choose that and a time chain. The chain can end up being too stressed end time and not installation snugly, but otherwise that usually provides very few visual signs before it breaks entirely. If you"ve been driving with the timing chain because that over 200,000 miles, that couldn"t ache to have actually a mechanic provide it a look simply in case they can see anything wrong with it.


What go it expense to replace a Lexus timing Belt?


If you have actually an older model Lexus the still uses a time belt the cost of gaining it replaced is walk to be anywhere between $600 and about $1,000. Timing belt repairs room not cheap on any kind of vehicle however, so this is not too far outside of the normal variety that you can expect to pay for a time belt repair. The high finish of the range is definitely an ext than you could pay for a Toyota Camry timing belt replacement on an larger model, but component of the expense of having actually a Lexus is knowing that you"re going to be payment extra for program maintenance and also repairs as well.


In regards to timing chains, that might end up costing quite a bit more especially if you require the time tensioners replaced. These repairs could cost anywhere from $1,500 to as lot as $2,500 and also potentially even more.


Unfortunately, your Lexus simply can"t operation without a timing chain or a timing belt so if you get to the allude where you require these repair done, they absolutely have to be done. If your timing belt or time chain starts to fail and also then ends up breaking on girlfriend the damages that that can cause to your engine will be extreme. You might suffer catastrophic engine failure, particularly if you have actually a timing chain due to the fact that that causes even more damage. 


Signs and Symptoms of a negative Timing Belt in my Lexus


When the time belt falls short in her engine that can reason some serious damage over the long-term. Fortunately, there room a couple of signs ahead of time to let you know that a belt is failing. The means a timing chain stops working is various from a time belt, for this reason we"ll address that separately.


Ticking Noise


When the teeth begin to wear down or autumn off that a timing belt you can start developing an unusual ticking sound as it spins between the camshaft and also the crankshaft. This is just one of the more quickly warning signs that there"s a problem with your timing belt and it need to stand except the common noises you"re provided to under the hood of her car.


Engine Misfires 


As us said, the timing belt is responsible for the precision timing of her engine so once it fails that time is thrown off. If the crankshaft and also the camshaft aren"t moving in synchronization, then the pistons will be rising or falling once the valves are not have to in the appropriate position. The air-fuel mixture will likewise be injected in ~ the not correct time relative to every this movement, and also the ignition will certainly take place at the not correct time. Once the timing is thrown off enough, climate the engine simply will not fire in one or more cylinders at the appropriate time which results in a misfire.


Oil Leaks


If the timing belt cover on your timing belt starts to come loose oil about the bolts have the right to start leaking out. Girlfriend may know this oil spots in the driveway under wherein you park her vehicle, yet the oil can additionally Leak onto the timing belt itself and also cause it to wear out sooner than normal.

Rough Idling


When the timing belt has started to stay down, her engine start to experience from some turbulent idling difficulties as well. This will manifest as some louder than typical noises and vibrations when you"re merely sitting in your car with the engine running.


Check Engine Light


Unfortunately, a examine engine light isn"t extremely valuable in diagnosing any problems you might be having actually in her vehicle. However, if the examine engine light does popular music up on your dash along with a difficulty with her timing belt that has manifested as any type of of these various other symptoms climate it"s a an excellent confirmation the you must be getting your time belt checked out as shortly as you have the right to by a licensed mechanic.


If you want some more confirmation girlfriend can constantly pick up your very own OBD2 scanner top top a site favor Amazon for simply $30 come $40. Once you plug in the scanner come your vehicle it can assist diagnose the check engine light and let you recognize if it yes, really is a problem with the timing belt or miscellaneous else the you have to take a look at at.


 Signs the a negative Timing Chain in my Lexus


Although a time belt is far much more likely come stretch due to the fact that of just how it"s made, a time chain can suffer extending if it"s not from eat properly. Timing chains call for oil for lubrication, and if that isn"t obtaining the best amount that oil or the oil is worn out, the chain deserve to suffer part wear and also damage. The rollers and also links that save it relocating to grind against each other and also eventually cause the metal to distress. This distress will certainly eventually reason the chain to lose its shape and also potentially on slide from the gears.


 Metal Shavings


Just favor the rubber teeth can come turn off of a timing belt, a timing chain deserve to grind down and also drop metal shavings right into the oil pan. If you"re finding shavings when you do a program oil readjust it"s feasible that they"re comes from her timing belt.




Not unlike the time belt failure, a timing chain failure can result in noises as well. Unequal the ticking sound produced by the belt, if the timing chain is failing in her Lexus it will certainly produce much more of a rattling sound. This will certainly be particularly noticeable when you"re simply idling in her vehicle.


 Engine Misfires


Much the very same as the misfires that are caused by a time belt failure, timing chain misfires are a an outcome of the absence of synchronization between your camshaft in her crankshaft. Because the timing chain or the tensioners that keep it lined up room failing, the timing will certainly be thrown off and also you deserve to potentially endure a misfire


 The Bottom Line


As we"ve said, most contemporary Lexus models make use of a timing chain rather than a time belt. If you have actually anything complimentary 2005 to 2006 it really likely offers a time belt yet the only method to understand for certain without acquisition a visual inspection is to inspect out her owner"s manual. If you don"t have that handy, you have the right to Google the exact model and also year of her Lexus to discover out whether or no you have a chain or a belt installed.

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Even despite both the timing belt and a time chain execute the same job on your Lexus it"s essential to recognize which one girlfriend have. When a time chain have the right to last a an extremely long time and doesn"t require a the majority of maintenance be on ensuring that you"re maintaining your oil level topped up and clean, the time belt will have to be maintained and inspected top top a fairly regular basis so you can avoid any type of issues concerned it break unexpectedly and also causing some serious damage under the hood of your vehicle.


Given that a timing chain or a timing belt replaced in her Lexus has a an extremely costly repair job, however the cost of addressing the damage that will be brought about if the belt or the chain division is much, lot higher. For the reason, you want to do whatever you have the right to to make sure the time belt or the timing chain in your Lexus is in good working order every the time.