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Trying to find location that the PCV Valve ~ above a 06 3.5 Sorento,also a organization repair hands-on for that also. Been on the KIA TECH info website likewise registered over there years back but can"t it seems to be ~ to uncover the link to uncover the service manual for this. Any aid is considerably appreciated !!! many thanks !!!
Trying to uncover location that the PCV Valve top top a 06 3.5 Sorento,also a company repair manual for it also. To be on the KIA TECH details website likewise registered there years earlier but can"t it seems ~ to find the attach to find the company manual for this. Any assist is significantly appreciated !!! many thanks !!!

Thanks, Ken99 because that the attached thumnails because that the pcv valve native, however how did you get there on that website all I obtain is empty pages indigenous the house site. Which connect do you click on from the house page. Thanks !!
You need to use MS net Explorer and there are several helper apps or plugins you should load. Friend likely have actually Acrobat Reader and Flash installed, however the Adobe SVGviewer is not as generally used. Go here if you have actually trouble detect it.Adobe - SVG - manual DownloadOnce girlfriend get connected to the site, you"ll find most technical information under the shop option. That will open a blank box with menu selections at the optimal to pick model, year and also engine. A series of drill down menus open up after ~ that.
Sorry it took so long to acquire back, yet finally acquired my computer to do what it"s mean to do. Many thanks KEN99 on the advice. One critical thing as soon as they to speak to revolve engine clockwise is the from looking from the prior or behind of the engine. I say this as you"re replacing the time belt. Many thanks again !!!
TAKE her TIME, THINK that OUT, perform IT RIGHT, perform IT ONCE!! original quote by me as much as i know.

I have actually A 2003 Sorento 3.5 and also The ar Of mine Pcv Valve Is vehicle drivers Side behind On The earlier Of intake Closer come Valve cover It faces Towards Passenger Side and It Screws In good Luck obtaining To It ns Bought A brand-new One Still have Not determined How come Unscrew Old One Without acquisition Off peak Of Intake someone In Forum Said small Wrenches and Tape through String


My 2003 is in the shop now for many small fixes including PCV replacent, hopefully the mechanic can gain to it without issues. If they permit me I will certainly take part pics.

Sorry didn"t realize this post was initially started for a 2006. In any type of case right here are some pics from mine 2003 Sorento, hope it helps someone.

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My 2006 has actually a large ground wire on the chauffeurs side back. Its within 3 customs of the floor wire, i would imply a 14mm stubby combination wrench. They space magnetic if girlfriend drop the pcv. The biggest trouble I had actually was the hose clamp together I couldn"t find a collection of pliers the would gain on it. I thrust it off v a screwdriver. Then ns pulled the hose up where a pair of pliers fit. I eliminated it and also used a little gas heat hose clamp I could get a screwdriver on it to tighten the up.Advanced Auto sell a set of stubby wrenches.