This guide explains the measures to take it in bespeak to execute the recommended transmission liquid flush on a Honda Accord. Images are included. Consistent ATF drain and fill will aid keep your transmission running smoothly for years come come.

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This guide explains the steps for a 4 cylinder 2004 Honda Accord. This should additionally apply because that the year 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

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It is usually recommended the you use the Honda ATF, and also perform a drain and also fill every 30,000 mile or so. For one drain and also fill, girlfriend will require 3 qts. Ns bought a case of Honda ATF turn off Amazon.

Step-By-Step ATF Drain and also Fill Procedure

Okay, in the following section, I administer the details of how to perform the ATF flush.

What you’ll need:


The very first step is to crawl under the vehicle and also locate the transmission fluid drain plug.

The drain plug is slightly unexplained as the takes a 3/8″ socket wrench connection with no socket attached.

Here is a an excellent view of the infection fluid drain plug in relationship to the remainder of the vehicle, through the socket wrench attached come the drainpipe plug.

Loosen the drain plug with the socket wrench, then place a drain pan under it and also take it the last method with your fingers. Beware, the transmission liquid shoots out pretty far!

If the automobile is level, almost exactly 3 quarts the old transmission fluid will drain out.

While the is draining, inspect the drain plug. Clean off any debris the has accumulated on the magnet, through a clean rag.

And placed on a brand-new crush washer.

Once the fluid draining slows to a trickle…

Put the drain plug ago in. Use a talk wrench to tighten the plug. The torque specification is 36 ft-lbs.

You are now ready come crawl the end from under the car, pop the hood, and include in the fresh ATF. Situate the ATF dipstick, beside the battery. Frequently these have actually a yellow little on the end, like in the following photo.

Remove the dipstick and also use the lengthy funnel, or use the poor-man’s long funnel by adding a length of old tubing ~ above the finish of a constant funnel.

Put the finish of the pipe right into the dipstick hole. This is whereby you will add the new ATF.

Position the funnel so that it will be easy to fill.

Pour in 3 quarts the the DW-1 ATF fluid.

Warning – pour Slowly! it takes a small while come ‘gulp’, and if friend pour also fast, it will overflow in ~ the opening.

After the 3 quarts room added, take the end the funnel, placed the emboldened stick back in, close the hood, and also you are ready to go.

For a ‘complete flush’, this procedure should be recurring 3 times, with around 100 mile or for this reason of driving between flushes. This will flush with a complete of 9 quarts.

Thanks because that reading, and I expect this can help someone else. This procedure really helped me a lot, and made the Accord purr like a kitten, v no much more stuttering.

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