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Just got my car couple of days ago, I have actually the 330I with Idrive Navigation, currently If I check with the owner manual, they present a digital gauge in the dash between the speedo, and also RPM (to examine the oil level)Nothing that this on mine car, only if you walk on the Idrive, check OIL, then he claimed oil OK but no point out of quantity......... Is this normal?????Thank girlfriend guys


Why bother v a dipstick when:1) no one checks your engine oil level and 2) Those that bother to examine can"t figure out how to review their dipstick?
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Just obtained my car couple of days ago, I have the 330I through Idrive Navigation, now If I check with the owners manual, they present a digital gauge in the dash in between the speedo, and RPM (to check the oil level)Nothing that this on mine car, just if you go on the Idrive, inspect OIL, climate he stated oil OK yet no clues of quantity......... Is this normal?????Thank girlfriend guys
Flip the move on the confront of the rotate signal stalk, until the center dash screen shows "Oil level", then press on the outboard switch on the blinker stalk. You"ll acquire the display.
Wait because that default screen to come up and then press your Idrive button down. Next choose the company option.Next move the idrive switch up and also then choose the oil level option. Friend should gain a pictorial of the engine and also how lot oil is in it.

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Or just how to review their owners Manual.

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I have a non-IDrive 325i. As soon as I use the stalk an installed computer to check the oil level, I obtain a simulated dipstick v shading mirroring the level. Due to the fact that delivery it rotates the present (1700 miles), mine pseudo dipstick mirrors that the oil level is absolutely, specifically right at the complete mark. Ns don"t know if this is indistinguishable to a actual reading, due to the fact that I to be still offered to the conventional dipstick, which have the right to be check out to a pair of one per 10 of a quart. Has actually anybody seen any kind of in-between readings from their oil level display?
Just together a clarification, I have Nav Pro/iDrive, and I have both the facility cluster oil screen activated through the blinker stalk, and the iDrive oil level check.