Mercury grand Marquis fourth Generation (2002 – 2011) – fuse box diagram

Year the production: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

Passenger compartment fuse panel

Mercury grand Marquis 4th Generation – fuse box – passenger compartment

The fuse panel is situated below and to the left that the steering wheel by the brake pedal. Remove the panel cover to access the fuses.

Fuse/relayAmpere rating Description
115Cluster, Lighting control Module (Interior Lighting)
210Ignition (ON) – digital Automatic Temperature control (EATC) module, A/C mode switch (vehicles equipped with hand-operated A/C only), A/C blower relay coil
310EATC module
410Ignition (ON) – Anti-lock Brake system (ABS) module, rear Air Suspension Module (RASM), Variable assist Power Steering (VAPS)
510Speed control deactivation switch, protect against signal
610Ignition (ON) – Cluster
715LCM (Park lamps, edge lamps)
910LCM (Switch illumination)
105Ignition (START) – Audio mute
1110Ignition (ON/ACC) – home window relay coil
1210Ignition (START) – Starter relay coil, DTRS
1310Ignition (ON/ACC) – Wiper module
1410Ignition (ON) – BTSI (Floor-shift transmission)
157,5Ignition (ON/ACC) – LCM, Door lock switch illumination, heated seat move illumination, Moonroof, Overhead console, Electrochromatic mirror
1615Ignition (ON) – turn signals
1710Ignition (ON/ACC) – Audio
1810Ignition (ON) – A/C setting switch (vehicles equipped with hands-on A/C), blend door, Heated chair modules
1910LCM (Left-hand short beam)
2010Ignition (ON/START) – Back-up lamps
2110LCM (Right-hand short beam)
2210Ignition (ON/START) – Restraint regulate Module (RCM), Occupant classification Sensor (OCS), Passenger air bag Deactivation Indicator (PADI)
2315Multi-function switch (Flash-to-pass), LCM (High beams)
2410Ignition (ON/START) – Passive Anti-Theft system (PATS) module, Powertrain regulate Module (PCM) relay coil, Fuel relay coil, Ignition coil relay coil
2510Autolamp/Sunload sensor, power mirrors, Door lock switches, winter switch, Keypad switch, Decklid switch, flexible pedal switch, DDM
2610Ignition (ON/START) – Cluster, LCM, Overdrive cancel switch, behind defroster relay coil
2720Cigar lighter, OBD II
287,5Center High-Mounted protect against Lamp (CHMSL)
3015Stop lamps, MFS
3210Mirror heaters, rear defroster move indicator
33Not used
Relay 1Full ISO relayRear defroster

Power circulation box

Mercury grand Marquis 4th Generation – fuse box – power distribution box

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment.

Fuse/relayAmpere rating Description
125*Ignition switch (Key in, operation 1, operation 2), Hazards
225*Ignition switch (RUN/START, RUN/ACC, START)
310*Powertrain control Module (PCM) keep alive power
420*Fuel relay feed
510*Rear air Suspension Module (RASM), VAPS
615*Alternator regulator
730*PCM relay feed
820*Driver’s Door Module (DDM)
915*Ignition coil relay feed
1020*Horn relay feed
1115*A/C clutch relay feed
1320*Instrument panel strength point
1420*Stop desk lamp switch
1520*Heated seats
17Not used
18Not used
2015*PCM, massive Air flow (MAF) sensor, IAT
2115*Powertrain loads and sensors, A/C clutch relay coil
22Not used
23Not used
24Not used
10140**Blower relay feed
10250**Cooling fan
10350**Instrument panel (I/P) fuse box feed #1 (I/P fuses 19, 21, 23, 25 and also 27)
10440**Instrument dashboard (I/P) fuse box feed #2 (I/P fuses 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 and also 9)
10530**Starter relay feed
10640**Anti-lock Brake mechanism (ABS) module (Pump)
10740**Rear defroster relay feed
10920**ABS module (Valves)
11030**Wiper module
111Not used
11230**Air suspension compressor
113Not used
114Not used
115Not used
116Not used
117Not used
118Not used
2011⁄2 ISO relayA/C clutch
202Not used
2031⁄2 ISO relayIgnition coil
2041⁄2 ISO relayPCM
2051⁄2 ISO relayFog lamps
2061⁄2 ISO relayFuel
207Not used
208Not used
2091⁄2 ISO relayHorn
301Full ISO relayStarter
302Full ISO relayAir compressor
303Full ISO relayBlower
304Full ISO relayPower windows relay (RUN/ACC)
501DiodeA/C clutch
503DiodeHorn, Door latch
60120A Circuit breakerPower seats, Lumbar
60220A Circuit breakerPower home windows relay feeding (RUN/ACC)
* Mini fuse ** Cartridge fuse

WARNING: Terminal and also harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on automobile equipment level, model, and also market.