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So ns am walk to change out the fluid tomorrow v a turkey baster. Does anyone understand the fluid capacity for the power steering fluid? Also, any type of other tips or advice? i am seeing the jacking up the front end of the car is needed, is this true?And simply to it is in clear, the power steering liquid is MERCON ATF fluid. Will the Valvoline version of MERCON work the same?It"s a 2005 mariner 3.0 4x4.Thanks for your help.
Not certain of the capacity.Yes, that is filled with Mercon, the valvoline ingredient you found, compatable liquid should speak Mercon/DexIII.Others have switched making use of Mercon V , and even Ford proposal it if your PS is acquiring loud and squeaks.Just remove what you can with the turkey baster, refill, drive about the block, make certain to revolve your wheel lock come lock and also repeat till the fluid looks nice and also red vs black.There is other methods to do the washing up it, such together removing the hose, yet I won"t get into detail here.Good Luck.

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I use a dollar keep spray party & just siphon the fluid into the container....I uncovered that simpler & got much more fluid out than a turkey baster personally. Capacity utilizing this method is no that much...if the auto requires ATF....I would seriously think about giving a qt the Amsoil ATF a try...made a huge improvement on mine vehicles end the share fluid, especially in cold temps. Much more info here...

I usually do a PS fluid change on my offered Explorers, and also use the turkey baster method. I do leave the front jacked increase a bit, and also then v the engine running I deserve to turn lock come lock a couple of times come recirc the brand-new fluid right into the system, then baste out again. Repeat number of times. I commonly use around 2 quarts the fluid prior to I acquire a pretty clean oil coming out. Also, I"m presume the to escape is the same as the explorer PS system yet don"t understand for sure- I know on the Explorer, if you turn the wheel by hand through the engine off you present air right into the PS system and also cause a shuddering as soon as steering following time you drive the truck, and also would then have to evacuate the air out of the PS system.I"ve additionally done the pull the strength steering heat off and drain that way, yet have to be basting an ext lately. Probably I"m simply hungry once I begin thinking about doing it. Mmmm... Turkey. :lol:
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