Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

No.AProtected Components
115"03-"04: Audio, CD changer"05-"06: Taxi, Cluster, Lighting manage Module (Interior Lighting)
10"07-"12: Ignition (START) - Starter relay coil, DTRS
25"03-"04: Audio
10"05-"06: Ignition (ON) - digital Automatic Temperature regulate (EATC) module, A/C mode switch (vehicles equipped v EATC only), A/C blower relay coil
7.5"07-"12: power mirrors, Door lock switches, mirror switch, Keypad switch, Decklid switch, DDM, Cluster
37.5"03-"04: Mirrors
10"05-"06: EATC module (vehicles equipped v EATC only) Audio (base audio system on vehicles no equipped v EATC)
5"07-"12: Ignition (START) - Audio mute, Police power circulation box (PDB) (Police vehicles only)
410"03-"04: waiting bags"05-"06: Ignition (ON) - Anti-lock Brake device (ABS) module, behind Air Suspension Module (RASM), Variable assist Power Steering (VAPS)"07-"12: Lighting regulate module (LCM) (switch illumination), Autolamp sensor
525"03-"04: package tray and also rear flasher (Police auto options)
10"05-"06: Speed manage deactivation switch, prevent signal, Brake-Transmission shift Interlock (BTSI) (column-shift transmission)
7.5"07-"12: Ignition (ON/ACC) - LCM
615"03-"04: Instrument cluster warning lamps module, Overdrive regulate switch, Lighting control Module (LCM), A/C clutch, Analog cluster
10"05-"06: Ignition (ON) - Cluster
7.5"07-"12: LCM
710"03-"04: Driver’s Door Module (DDM), Premium radio, begin input come police PDB (Police vehicle option)"05-"06: LCM (Park lamps, move illumination)"07-"12: Ignition (ON/ACC) - Wiper module
825"03-"04: Powertrain manage Module (PCM) power relay, Coil-on plugs, Radio noise capacitor, Passive Anti-Theft system (PATS)
10"05: Ignition (ON) - behind Air Suspension Module (RASM), Variable aid Power Steering (VAPS)"06: LCM"07-"12: digital automatic temperature regulate (EATC) module (vehicles equipped through EATC only)
95"03-"04: Transmission range sensor
20"05: LCM (Headlamps, Cornering lamps)
10"06: LCM (Switch illumination)
7.5"07-"12: Ignition (ON/ACC) - Door lock move illumination, boil seat move illumination, Moon roof, Overhead console, Radio, Antenna, Electrochromatic mirror, window relay coil (non-Police vehicles only), home window and decklid relay coil and Police ON/ACC relay coil (Police vehicles only)
1010"03-"04: Rear window defrost, boil mirrors
5"05-"06: Ignition (ON/START) - Driver’s Door Module (DDM), Police PDB (Police vehicles only)
15"07-"12: risks (non-Police vehicles only)
20"07-"12: perils (Police vehicles only)
115"03-"04: Traction manage indicator relay (ABS w/traction manage only)
10"05-"06: Ignition (START) - ON/ACC (window) relay coil (non-Police vehicles only) Ignition (START) - ON/ACC (window and decklid) relay coil and Police ON/ACC relay coil (Police vehicles only)
15"07-"12: Ignition (ON) - revolve signals
1215"03-"04: Multi-function switch because that turn/hazard lamps
10"05-"06: Ignition (ON/START) - Starter relay coil, DTRS
15"07-"12: Audio
135"03-"04: Radio
10"05-"06: Ignition (START) - Wiper module"07-"12: Ignition (ON) - Anti-lock Brake device (ABS; "07-"08) module, behind Air Suspension Module (RASM), Variable help Power Steering (VAPS; "07-"08), Cluster
1410"03-"04: Anti-lock Brake system (ABS), tool Cluster"05-"06: Ignition (ON) - BTSI (Floor-shift transmission)
15"07-"12: Taxi, adjustable pedals
1515"03-"04: Speed control module, power relay coil (Police auto option), LCM, Clock, EATC blower engine relay, Door lock move illumination, Heated seat switch, Moonroof
7.5"05-"06: Ignition (START) - LCM, Door lock switch illumination, heated seat switch illumination, Moonroof, Overhead console, Electrochromatic mirror
10"07-"12: Ignition (ON) - EATC module, A/C mode switch (vehicles fitted with manual A/C only), A/C blower relay coil
1615"03-"04: Reversing lamps, shift lock, DRL module, VAP Steering, electronic day/night mirror, Overhead console, waiting suspension, "05-"06: Climate control, Heated seat module, speed chime module (GCC only), DDM, Back-up lampsIgnition (ON) - turn signals
20"07-"12: Cigar lighter ("07-"08), OBD II
177.5"03-"04: Wiper motor
10"05-"06: Ignition (START) - Audio"07-"12: Ignition (ON) - A/C mode switch (vehicles fitted with hands-on A/C), blend door, Heated chair modules, BTSI (Floor-shift transmission)
1810"03-"04: -"05-"06: Ignition (ON) - A/C mode switch (manual A/C only), blend door, DDM, Heated chair modules, Daytime running Lamps (DRL) module
15"07-"12: Lighting manage module (interior lighting)
1915"03-"04: Brake lamps, Brake signal because that PCM, ABS and also speed control module, DDM
10"05-"12: Left-hand low beam, DRL
2020"03-"04: Spot lamp (Police auto option)
10"05-"12: Ignition (ON/ACC) - Back-up lamps, Anti-lock brake mechanism (ABS; "09-"12)
2115"03-"04: LCM for park lamps and interior illumination, Autolamp/Sunload sensor
10"05-"12: Right-hand short beam, DRL
2220"03-"04: Speed control servo, Multi-function switch for risk lamps, Brake on/off switch, Feed for IP fuse 19
10"05-"12: Ignition (ON/ACC) - Restraint manage Module (RCM), Occupant category Sensor (OCS), Passenger air bag Deactivation Indicator (PADI)
2315"03-"04: EATC module, instrument cluster, Clock, LCM, interior lamps, Door lock switches, Door ajar and also roof lamps (Taxi vehicles)"05-"12: Multi-function switch (Flash-to-pass), LCM (High beams; "06-"12)
2410"03-"04: Left-hand low beam"05-"12: Ignition (ON/ACC) - Passive Anti-Theft device (PATS) module, Powertrain regulate Module (PCM) relay coil, Fuel relay coil, Ignition coil relay coil
2515"03-"04: Cigar lighter"05-"06: Autolamp/Sunload sensor, strength mirrors, Door lock switches (DDM), winter switch, Keypad switch, Decklid switch, flexible pedal switch, DDM"07-"12: LCM (Park lamps, edge lamps, license lamps)
2610"03-"04: Right-hand low beam"05-"06: Ignition (ON/ACC) - Analog cluster, Warning lamp module, LCM, Overdrive release switch, behind defroster relay coil"07-"12: Ignition (ON/START) - Cluster, LCM, Overdrive publication switch, Traction manage switch
2725"03-"04: LCM for cornering lamps and high beam headlamps
20"05-"06: Cigar lighter, OBD II, power point"07-"12: -
2820"03-"04: power windows, DDM, tool panel/Door decklid release (police vehicles only)
10"05-"06: facility High-Mounted avoid Lamp (CHMSL)
7.5"07-"12: Brake signal, LCM (brake transmission shift interlock), ABS
2915"03-"04: -"05-"06: Audio
2"07-"12: hazard in (Police vehicles only)
3015"03-"04: -"05-"06: stop lamps, MFS
2"07-"12: Battery saver (Police vehicles only)
3115"03-"04: -"05-"06: hazards (non-Police vehicles)
20"05-"06: dangers (Police vehicles)
5"07-"12: an essential in (LCM)
3210"03-"04: -"05-"06: winter heaters, behind defroster move indicator
2"07-"12: hazard out (Police vehicles only)
3310Fire suppression module (if equipped) (Police vehicles only)
K101"05-"06: behind defroster"07-"12: home window relay, Decklid (Police vehicles only)

Engine Compartment Fuse Box