once I shot to squeeze out the rear hatch handle, nothing happens. Is there a manual release, and also what would cause this?

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The manage is the hands-on release. If it isn't working, wither the take care of has broken or the linkage has come apart. You will need to remove the door panel to have the ability to check the linkage and handle. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know what friend find.



Some have actually an electric switch in the inside of the vehicle. Rather don't. Yet some have a take care of on the rear hatch. You might need to traction the internal panel to accessibility the latch assembly and work that manually. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us understand what happens.
Not all of the rendezvous back hatches space able come be opened from the outside. The 02 is only a handle.
The behind hatch door no longer unlocks when you press the unlock switch twice ~ above the far entry fob. All the other doors perform unlock. The behind hatch likewise does not unlock when you placed the vehicle in park and also shut the off. The only method to unlock the behind hatch is to push the "Rear" button on the far entry fob. Is there a way to solve this?Thanks
Hello and also thanks for donatingSince you speak the liftgate does run fine making use of the "rear" an essential fob button, this rules out any type of issue with the liftage"s switch, actuator, motor or wiring. It must be something through the vital fob / transmitter. I would indicate resynchronizing her transmitter. To perform this, stand close to your vehicle and also press and also hold the lock and also unlock buttons on the transmitter in ~ the same time because that 15 seconds. The door locks need to cycle to check synchronization. If the locks carry out not cycle, it would be best to call local dealer for worries with the transmitter.
We just purchased our Rendezvous. The only method we have the right to release the rear hatch is using the button the the crucial chain. Over there is no release switch in the internal of the vehicle. Must there it is in a release various other than the vital chain?
I have actually a 2004 Rendezvous too, and if ns unlock the doors through the driver side grasp lock switch. It opens up the behind too! hope this helps. Every site I checked, failure to point out this!
an excellent addition come this thread! please feel cost-free to help out at any time you space on the website :)Cheers, Ken
If you can"t open up it v a key, climate you will need to gain a new remote. Other than that, girlfriend would need to take it apart.
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