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If your speakers looked anything favor the snapshot above then you would more than likely want to do something around them like I had wanted to because that the critical 3 years.

The above is the part number because that the replacement speak covers.To start, make sure you room comfortable in making use of hand tools and also have confidence the you shouldn’t chaos it up if girlfriend take your time and not sirloin through.After acquiring your devices ready, the next step I would certainly recommend is to eliminate the rear bench due to the fact that it provides removing the shoulder rests easier. I have actually seat consists on so your bench will certainly not have the criss-crossing straps.

To remove the rear bench, simply location your hand ~ above either next of the connectors pointed at by the yellow arrows and pull upward. It do not do it take much force and you’ll listen a popular music sound if it has actually come loose. After ~ removing the behind bench, place it somewhere that will be out of the way.

Once the bench is removed, look towards the bottom the the door frame and spot the seed securing the shoulder rest in place, a 12mm socket will take it out so do that. After you remove the nut and also washer, location your hand under the shoulder rest and apply upward force. You require to use upward force due to the fact that you’re trying to lift the plastic pointer out of its hole in the third picture.
After removing the shoulder rests indigenous both sides of the car, lay the backrests under so you have some communication to job-related on.
After laying under the backrest, girlfriend will must pop the end the back-panel-covery things (the picture shows what I’m talk about). They will certainly pop the end of ar if you obtain your finger/hands underneath them and also pull in the direction of the facility of the car. You re welcome take your time therefore you don’t break the back-panel-covery things. Location them somewhere the end of the way, perhaps where you kept the rear bench?
Before lifting increase the behind deck, you will have to remove the clips hold the rear deck and back wall surface together. The clips space ones the you either press in the center and also it comes loose or space a Phillips screw form that you must unscrew to remove. Yes, I preserved the back-panel-covery points in the trunk due to the fact that I remained in a parking lot and the bench no fit therefore it’s leaning versus the auto
. After ~ removing the clips, gently advice the rear deck up and also you’ll hear one or two pops together the clips hold the behind deck down become loose, there are only two clips holding lock in place.
This is a very important action that you should take treatment in doing and must not forget in doing. There is a connector come the rear deck break irradiate that must be disconnected to be able to slide the behind deck out. The trick to this is to push the center tab that the male connector to eliminate it the end otherwise you won’t get it the end ß please perform not challenge this together you will probably break something. Take your time and also take treatment in act this step.
The underside of the rear deck looks prefer this, i’m not sure why I contained this yet I took a picture of it so why not.
The following trick is to gain the old deteriorating speaker covers turn off which takes alittle time come do. The initial deteriorating speak covers space secured an in similar way to just how rivets work. I simply pulled off the deteriorating speak covers and also was left with the snapshot on the right. After acquisition off the mass of the speak covers, girlfriend will should remove the stems i beg your pardon you need to pop through the back. I supplied a screwdriver to push the stems down from the height of the behind deck and they popped through the back.
After removing the stems and vacuuming up any debris, complement up your replacement speakers due to the fact that they are particular to one of two people the ideal or left next of the car. Depending on where friend bought her speaker covers, friend may have actually a different method to secure castle in place yet mine had actually washer kind fasteners.
after ~ securing both replacement speak covers, clean up the underside that the rear deck by making use of a vacuum. Come reinstall the rear deck and also everything else, just do the over steps backwards and also you’ll finish up v the photo on the right.I hope everything works the end for you and also you gain the fruits of her labor.

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