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I have actually a 04 Camry LE, usually the 4 Cylinder version and I can"t it seems ~ to situate the oil filter anywhere.I have done a search, both google and on this site however unfortunately, I have the right to only discover results on the V6 version of the Camry"s (Camries?).I simply bought this car and also the previous owner claimed that he have not done an oil adjust in end 6k miles. The oil is currently additionally drained from the car, I do not want to add oil to the car until I adjust the oil filter, have the right to someone please assist me situate the oil filter? If you have pictures of where it"s situated or a shop manual then that would be great, if not, just point me in the basic direction as to where it"s located.Thanks in advance.

My oil filter don"t look prefer that. however than I have the gen6 V6 Camry. LOLFor OP, Look in ~ #17. That should help. If not, i seriously advice U to traction in the brand-new oil and drive it come the dealer because that a normal oil + filter change. U can ask castle to suggest U wherein the filter is if you room at it.

I hate to say it, but if girlfriend can"t discover the oil filter perhaps you shouldn"t be transforming your own oil. An oil filters looks prefer this...
be basic man, nobody was born with the understanding of just how to change your own oil/oil filter. Us all learned through trial and error, or who else to teach us.
Don"t pay fist to the jokes. Together someone that has readjusted my very own oil because that 20+ year on 1st look i couldn"t see the filter top top this one either. So crawl under the car. If you jack it increase make certain you have reliable stands and also the rear wheel secured. You don"t desire to dice for $20. There is the plastic part behind the former bumper. Climate behind that you view the oil pan. The filter is essentially between these two. It simply sits higher and no visible easily. If friend look increase vertically friend will view it in the former of the pan and also behind the air deflector.

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