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Speakers and amplifiers

System / ComponentUpper dash tweetersFront door speakersRear door speakersAmplifier
Standard Sound(Radio unit and six typical 4-ohm speakers)2.5″ tweetersP/N 56038612AA6×9″ full-rangeP/N 56042131ABsuperseded byP/N 5082017AA6.5″ full-rangeP/N 56038408ABsuperseded byP/N 56038408ACsuperseded byP/N 56043268AA

Built-in to radio(40, 63, or 66w total power)
Premium Sound Infinity system(Radio unit with exterior amplifier and also six Infinity 4-ohm speakers. Mopar 10-disc CD changer traditional with most Infinity systems)2.5″ Infinity tweetersP/N 56038411ABsuperseded byP/N 56038411AC6×9″ Infinity woofersP/N 56038409ABsuperseded byP/N 56038409ACsuperseded byP/N 5081669AAP/N 5081669AB6.5″ Infinity full-rangeP/N 56038410ABsuperseded byP/N 56038410AC(1999-2001)P/N 56038657AA(2002-2004)Infinity (180w)P/N 56038407AC(1999)P/N 56038407AD(2000-2001)P/N 56038407AE(2002)

P/N 56038407AF(2003-2004)

P/N 56038407AG(2004)

DaimlerChrysler & Jeep Radios

DaimlerChrysler manufactures an exceptionally wide range of radios because that their different vehicles, numerous of which look very similar and have the very same sales codes, yet may have tiny differences in features. As soon as replacing a factory radio with an additional factory radio, it might be necessary to try and discover the correct model produced your Jeep. Because that example, part Chrysler radios have the clock display defeated in vehicles that have a separate clock in the dash. Also, due to preprogrammed audio equalization level that are programmed into the vehicle’s body regulate module, if a signal native the radio is not known by the BCM (Body control Module), the unit will default come a level curve. Linked with miscellaneous levels that speakers used from version year to design year, the sound quality of the audio deserve to be reduced.

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Mopar radio benefits vs other vehicle brands:• huge radio makes controls much easier to see and also use• “Perfect-fit mounting” eliminates squeaks and also rattles• Backlighting and vacuum fluorescent display complement instrument panel exactly• Electronically filtered to prevent damages to radio from voltage extremes and also spikes• Radio frequency emissions are maintained at for sure levels to stop interference with vehicle electronic components

AM/FM Cassette Radios

ComponentSales code & P/NCommentsModel Year(s)
RASP/N 4858583AEP/N 4858583AF(1999)P/N 56038931AB(1999-2001)Two-band graphic EqualizerNo CD changer controlNo PCI Bus connection40 watts of complete power
RBNP/N 4858584AF(1999)P/N 4858584AGP/N 4858584AH(2000)Three-band graphic EqualizerCD Changer Control66 watts of full power
RBBP/N 56038518AH(1999-2001)P/N 56038518AIP/N 56038518AJ(2001)P/N 56038588AKP/N 56038588ALP/N 56038588AM(2002)

P/N 5064335ABP/N 5064335AF*P/N 5064335AG*P/N 5064335AH(2003)

(*Some RBB radios with these component numbers showed static problems. This influenced units built before July 31, 2002. If under warranty, these units were exchanged with P/N 5064335AH radios.)

P/N 5064335AIP/N 5064335AJ(2003-2004)

P/N 5091555AE(2004)

AM/FM CD Radios
ComponentSales code & P/NCommentsModel Year(s)
RBKP/N 56038589AKP/N 56038589ALP/N 56038589AMP/N 56038589AN(2002)P/N 5064354ACP/N 5064354ADP/N 5064354AEP/N 5064354AF*P/N 5064354AG*P/N 5064354AH(2003)

(*Some RBK radios v these component numbers displayed static problems. This affected units built prior to July 31, 2002. If under warranty, these devices were exchanged through P/N 5064354AH radios.)

P/N 5064354AIP/N 5064354AJsuperseded by:P/N 5091888AAsuperseded by:P/N 05161260AA(2003-2004)

P/N 5091556AE(2004)

Two-band graphic EqualizerCD Changer ControlSatellite Radio capable (2002-up models)

66 watt of total power
3% THD10 AM/10 FM station presetsAM Frequency Range: 530 kHz~1700kHzAM best Sensitivity: 12dB (uV)AM S/N Ratio: 50dBFM Frequency Range: 87.9MHz~107.9MHzFM S/N Ratio: Mono 55dB, stereotype 50dBFM Ignition Noise KillerSeek-and-scanBalance/fader speak controlDigital clockCD quick forward/reverseCD Seek-and-scanElapsed time displayCDR playback capability
RBQP/N 56038622ADP/N 56038622AEP/N 56038622AFP/N 56038622AGP/N 56038622AHP/N 56038622AI(2003)P/N 56038622AJ(2003-2004)Two-band graphic EqualizerNo CD changer controlIntegral 6-disc CD changerSatellite Radio capable66 watt of full power
3% THD10 AM/10 FM station presetsSeek-and-scanBalance/fader speaker controlDigital clockCD rapid forward/reverseCD Seek-and-scanElapsed time display

AM/FM Cassette + CD Radios

(Included v all Infinity systems. Optional on part models w/o Infinity system)

ComponentSales password & P/NCommentsModel Year(s)
RADP/N 4858543(1999)P/N 4858543AB(2000)Two-band graphics EqualizerNo CD changer control1999-2000
RAZP/N 4858540ADP/N 4858540AEP/N 4858540AF(1999)P/N 4858540AGP/N 4858540AH(2000-2001)Three-band graphics EqualizerNo CD changer control

62 watts of full power
RAZP/N 56038555AGP/N 56038555AHP/N 56038555AJP/N 56038555AKP/N 56038555AL(2002)P/N 56038555AM(2003-2004)Two-band graphic EqualizerCD Changer ControlRDS capableSatellite Radio capable62 watts of full power
RBPP/N 56038623AFTwo-band graphics EqualizerCD changer control66 watt of total power
3% THD10 AM/10 FM station presetsSeek-and-scanBalance/fader speaker controlCD random playCD quick forward/reverseCassette auto reverseCassette quick forward/rewind
RBPP/N 56038586AFP/N 56038586AGP/N 56038586AH(2002)superseded by:P/N 56038555AHP/N 56038555AJP/N 56038555AKP/N 56038555ALP/N 56038555AM*(*cabin EQ 2.0)(2002)Two-band graphic EqualizerCD changer controlRDS capableSatellite Radio capable2002

P/N 5064125AC(2003)

P/N 5064125ADP/N 5064125AE(2003-2004)

Two-band graphics EqualizerCD/DVD changer controlRDS capableSatellite Radio capable

66 watts of complete power

RBUP/N 56038620AK(2002)P/N 5064123AAP/N 5064123AB(2003)P/N 5064123AC(2004)

Rear seatheadphone kit (2)

P/N 4685923AA(2002)

P/N 05082012AD(2003-2004)

Rear seatSingle headphone

P/N 04685936AD(2002-2004)

Two-band graphic EqualizerCD changer controlRDS capableSatellite Radio capableRear chair audio control

66 watts of complete power
3% THD10 AM/10 FM terminal presetsDot matrix displaySeek-and-scanJoystick balance/fader speaker controlRear chair audio functionOptional 900 MHz Headphone kit available

The behind seat audio role allows passengers to usage wireless headphones and also a wireless remote regulate to listen to various music source than vehicle’s main speaker system. RDT 900MHz Headphones, contains infrared far w/batteries.

RBYP/N 56038583AHP/N 56038583AI(1999-2000)superseded by:P/N 05140895AA(2002)

P/N 05064383ABP/N 05064383ACP/N 05064383ADP/N 05064383AEP/N 05064383AF(2003)

superseded by:

P/N 05091519AA(2003)

CD changer control?2002
Sirius ReceiverP/N 82206488AA(2002-2004)

For added information view our Sirius Satellite Radio section.

Optional Sirius Satellite Radio kitAdaptable to many 2002 and also newer manufacturing facility radios. Presented summer 2001, service very first available at an early stage 2002. Monthly subscription dues required. For activation information see our Sirius Satellite Radio section.

ReceiverP/N 82206488AB (MSRP $474)

Installation Kit & Antenna(for WJ’s with CD changer)Includes accuse Sheet, templates, wiring harness, antenna cable, connector , brackets and hardware.P/N 82207564 (MSRP $152.00)

Installation Kit & Antenna(for WJ’s there is no CD changer) consists of Instruction Sheet, templates, wiring harness, antenna cable, connector , brackets and also hardware.P/N 82206489 (MSRP $154.00)

Song location / Artist name screen option (RB1 NAV Radio only)A unique audio system adaptor cable is required to communicate this function on the RB1. Exit April 2003.P/N 82208322 (MSRP $41.00)



ComponentSales code & P/NCommentsModel Year(s)
RB1 NAV radioP/N 56038629AB(radio unit only, Mopar)(2002-2003)P/N 56038629ACP/N 56038629AD(2003-2004)P/N 82206406ABP/N 82206406AB(2002-2004 Mopar kit)

P/N 82208715(2004)

Satellite Radio track Title/Artistdisplay adaptor

A unique audio system adaptor cable is forced to communicate this Sirius Satellite Radio choice for the RB1. Obtainable as that April 2003.

Mopar P/N 82208322

See our Sirius Satellite Radio section for additional information.

AM/FM/CD/Navigation RadioDVD based navigation systemTwo-band on-screen EqualizerCD changer controlRDS capable66 watts complete power at 3% full harmonic distortion4.1″ (actual size) navigating screenCD/CDR/CDRW compatibility1.5 DIN mounting size(3″ H x 5.51″ D x 7.87″ W)30 station presetsSirius Satellite Radio capableRadio Program kind (PTY)

Introduced as a Mopar accessory November 2002. Factory installed option on 2004 models. Packaged in a vehicle-specific kit because that 2002-2004 models (one kit because that all grand Cherokees).

See our RB1 navigation Radio web page for more

10-disc far CD changer



Sales code RDP. An installed in ideal rear 4 minutes 1 panel. 11-disc complete capacity including head unit single slot. Consisted of with many Infinity equipment from 1999-2001. Because that 2002-up, optional on some Laredo packages and standard with most Infinity systems. The changer have the right to be included to any and all WJ models that have a factory head unit with the CD changer controls.Factory set up 10-disc CD changer units:P/N 56038579AB (1999)P/N 56038579AC (2000)

P/N 56042129AG (2001-2004)

P/N 56042129AH (2004)

Mopar 10-Disc CD changer kits:

(Kit includes CD changer, 5-meter DIN cable to run from the radio to the changer, mounting screws and also bracket, and one 10-disc magazine.)

1999-2001 P/N 82204627

2002-2004 P/N 82207521

Rear console kits:

(Required to house the CD changer)

Agate P/N 82204624

Taupe P/N 82204626

Sandstone P/N 82206899

Slate Gray P/N 82207539

Available installation and replacement parts:

CD changer factory mounting bracketUsed because that installing the Mopar changer in all models(Included just with Mopar changer kits, not easily accessible separately)

CD changer Mopar mounting bracketThis bracket to be designed for the FM Modulated CD player kit the was exit a few years ago. It will NOT work for direct mounting that the typical 10-disc factory changer since it is about 1/4″ also narrow. However, due to the fact that the clip fits right into the very same 4 body mounting holes it might be possible to re-drill the changer and other mounting feet to do it fit.P/N 82204864

8-pin square (Changer) to 8-pin ring (Radio) cableUsed for installing the Mopar changer in 1999-2001 models(Included through Mopar changer kits)P/N 5013661AA.

8-pin square (Changer) come 10-pin square(Radio) cable Used because that installing the Mopar changer in 2002-2004 models(Included with Mopar changer kits)P/N 05080971AA.

Bracket-to-body mounting studs (4 required)(Included through Mopar changer kits)P/N 6505002AA

Bracket-to-body stud nuts (M6x1.0, with washers, 4 required)(Included v Mopar changer kits)P/N 6100047

Changer-to-bracket screws (6 required)(Included with Mopar changer kit)P/N ?

10-disc MagazineP/N 4858564

Changer Specifications:

Manufactured by MitsubishiRear cargo area mount3-Beam laser tracking (for CD-R playback)Viscous silicone dampenersSignal-to-Noise Ratio: 95dBChannel Separation: 80dBFrequency Response: 5 – 20,000Hz (+/-1dB)Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.008% (at 1kHz)Wow & Flutter: listed below Measurable LimitsDimensions: 10-3/4″ W x 7″ H x 3″ D.

See also: CD Changer removal

Infinity GoldTM system
The Infinity yellow Premium Sound system has the complying with components:

AM/FM/Cassette/CD head unit (various layouts used)6-channel 180-watt amplifier2x 2.5″ prior tweeters2x 6×9″ former woofers2x 6.5″ behind full-range speakers10-disc CD changer (Optional on part models, check out chart below. Also easily accessible as an accessory add-on for any model with a CD changer function on the radio).

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Infinity Goldtm mechanism availability

10-disc changer
YearLaredo / SportSpecialEditionFreedomEditionLimitedOverland(Optional uneven noted)
1999N/A “D” PackageOptional “E”, “F”StandardN/A Laredo “D”
2000Optional “E”Standard “F”StandardOptional all models
2001N/A “E”Optional “F”Standard “S”StandardN/A Laredo “E”Standard on:Limited “K”
2002Optional “E”Standard “F”Standard top top SportStandardStandardStandardN/A Laredo “E”N/A SportStandard on:Special EditionLimited “K”Overland
2003Optional “E”Standard “F”StandardStandardN/A Laredo “E”Standard on:Limited “K”Overland
2004Optional “E”Standard “F”StandardStandardStandardStandardN/A Laredo “E”Standard on:Special EditionFreedom EditionSportLimited “K”Overland


Optional Mopar woofer accessory kit. Discontinued in 2002 however may still be accessible at some dealers. Integrated 50-watt amplifier through 8″ woofer. Internal matched color, netted storage compartment. Has wiring harness adaptor.Agate (P/N 82205263) (MSRP $400.00)