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It"s actual easy to carry out it. If girlfriend look right above the brake pedal, friend will watch a white switch with a 2 pin harness associated to it. The switch twist ideal out so friend don"t also need any tools.

It"s genuine easy to execute it. If you look right over the brake pedal, friend will see a white switch v a 2 pin harness associated to it. The move twist best out so friend don"t even need any tools.
Man, i looked under there today and also everything above the pedal is covered by plastic shrouds. Execute both that them need to come turn off to obtain to the switch?
go to and under there go to sample vehicles. Among the 2 sample vehicles is the 2005 honda accord ex 4 door. Every step by step instruction because that each and also everything you require to have for FREE.
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Man, i looked under over there today and everything above the pedal is extended by plastic shrouds. Carry out both of them should come turn off to acquire to the switch?
Maybe you"re not looking in the right place. Follow the eight to which her brake pedal is attached. The makes call with the move which is usually a switch which is depressed as soon as the brake (arm) is in resting position and also releases once the brake is pressed. Girlfriend really have actually to acquire down and also look increase under.EDIT: right here is a pic. The switch has the cable attached to it.
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Here"s the DIY(I did the in simply a few minutes once I to buy the switch):Remove the sheathe plate which extends native the bottom that the steering wheel come the pedals. The covering comes turn off pretty easily. There space two pliable locations near the pedals that will dislodge v a bit of bending and maneuvering. The other finish of the covering (under the steering wheel) has actually three tabs that deserve to be thrust out. I uncovered that remove a screw (located on the lower component of the dash (near the driver"s side door) made acquiring this cover dashboard off lot easier. Once you have the cover dashboard off, it is just a matter of locating the switch, disconnecting the from the electrical, then give it a quarter turn and it need to come appropriate out. If you need to readjust the housing just to express the 2 tabs on the housing and push the out. Finally replace the housing, install and change the switch (test it to make certain it is depressed all the means when the brake is not pushed and also released when the brake is engaged). Give it a quarter turn to lock the in place and attach the electrical and also replace the cover plate.