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Hello All, I"m brand-new and simply wanted to recognize if everyone knew where the Coolant Temp Sensor was located. Ns don"t desire to spend crazy money gaining a $12 component installed top top my vehicle if I can do the my me or at least direct my mechanic to exactly where the is. Many thanks for all help.

What made girlfriend think it to be bad? just asking since these cars have troubles with the swarm going out and making girlfriend think it"s other things lol.

I think i require mine adjusted toomy temp guage floats into the red while im stopped and also while im driving it goes ago to normal and also then rises and falls again
location of the coolant sensor
i to be tring to discover it on my auto the inspect engine light came on and had it checked and also it said the sensor is negative can you aid me discover it
pictures might be would be cool
i was trying come look on heat for pictures of the location yet no such help

my temp guage floats into the red while im stopped and while ns driving the goes earlier to normal and then rises and also falls again
The T-stat a pretty basic install top top the 3800, if your gonna readjust it i would suggest obtaining a 180* stat indigenous ZZP or another w-body sitebut to me the rising and also falling temps it seems to be ~ to be a fan concern over a t-stat issue... I might be wrong but the vehicle moving isn"t walking to impact the opening and closing of the T-stat. Have you checked to view if fan #1 is strongly moving at idle ? I had a fan #1 go negative on me which began to car to end heat since the pan was relocating slower then normal, once temps would gain to a details point (as dictated by the PCM) then pan # 2 would rotate on and help out through to reduced the temps... The rate of the automobile would help rotate fan #1 as well.

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i understand this is late, but for future referrence, flush your coolant, change termostat and temp. Sensor. It will cost you less than $50 because that the parts. DONNOT to buy your components from autozone, parts look the same but they go out my input in less than one hour after replacing them. The Temp. Sensor is right in former of the termostat listed below the accelerator body on the ideal side of the engine. Change both, and also again perform not purchase your components from autozone. Likewise check your fuses in the lower fuse crate under the hood, 9/10 time you will should replace the 25AMP fuse ( it"s clear).Your heating problem is Dextron, that clogs up her coolant passage, use consistent 50/50 antifreeze instead. After you have fixed your issues, your finest bet is to eliminate your impala ASAP.
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