The Toyota 1MZ-FE is a 3.00 together (2,994 cc, 182.7 cu-in) V6, four-stroke bike water-cooled naturally aspirated internal combustion gasoline engine, made by the Toyota motor Corporation because 1997 come 2007. The engine was producted on Kamigo Plant and Toyota Motor manufacturing Kentucky. The Toyota 1MZ-FE engine was honored through Ward’s 10 best Engines list in 1996.

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The 1MZ–FE engine has 6 cylinders in a V arrangement at a bank angle the 60° The 1MZ-FE functions a lightweight aluminum block v a four-bearings crankshaft and two aluminum heads with two camshafts (DOHC) and four valves per cylinder (24 in total). The Toyota 1MZ-FE engine is equipped v SFI (Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection) system and also Electronic Spark advance (ESA) ignition mechanism with separation, personal, instance coils on every spark plug. The latest engine version (after 1998) to be equipped v a VVTi (Variable Valve Timing) device for the intake camshafts.

Bore and also stroke space 87.5 mm (3.44 in) and also 83 mm (3.27 in), respectively. Compression ratio rating is 10.5:1.

The Toyota 1MZ-FE engine produced from 186 PS (137 KW; 184 HP) in ~ 5,300 rpm come 220 PS (162 KW; 217 HP) in ~ 5,800 rpm of preferably power and from 267 Nm (27.2 kg·m; 197.0 ft·lb) at 4,000 rpm to 304 Nm (31.0 kg·m; 224.3 ft·lb) at 4,400 rpm the torque depending upon year and also vehicle model.

The break down of the engine password is together follows:

1 – 1nd generation engineMZ – Engine familyF – economic climate narrow-angle DOHCE – Multi suggest Fuel Injection

General information

Engine Specifications
Engine code1MZ-FE
LayoutFour stroke, V6
Fuel typeGasoline (petrol)
Displacement3.0 L, 2,994 cc (182.7 cu in)
Fuel systemSequential multi-point fuel injection (MPFI)
Power adderNone
Power output186 PS (137 KW; 184 HP) to 220 PS (162 KW; 217 HP)
Torque output267 Nm (27.2 kg·m; 197.0 ft·lb) to304 Nm (31.0 kg·m; 224.3 ft·lb)
Firing order1-2-3-4-5-6
Dimensions (L x W x H):
Weight348 lbs (158 kg)

Cylinder block

The 1MZ–FE engine has actually an aluminum cylinder block in a V setup at a financial institution angle that 60°. Indigenous the front of the RH bank cylinders are numbered 1–3–5, and also from the former of the LH bank cylinders room numbered 2–4–6. This engine’s firing order is 1–2–3–4–5–6. The engine has actually press-fitted cast-iron cylinder liners. The cylinder block contains a water jacket, v which coolant is pumped to cool the cylinders.

The crankshaft is sustained by 4 bearings inside the crankcase. This bearings are made that copper and lead alloy. The crankshaft is integrated with 9 semi counterweights for balance. Oil holes are placed in the center of the crankshaft because that supply oil to the connecting rods, bearings, pistons and other components.

Pistons are made that high temperature-resistant aluminum alloy. Piston pins room the full-floating type, through the pins fastened to either the piston ceo nor the connecting rods. Instead, snap rings are fitted on both end of the piston pins, staying clear of the pins from falling out.

The Toyota 1MZ–FE motor has two compressions and also one oil manage rings. The an initial compression ring is made of steel and the 2nd compression ring is make of actors iron. The oil ring also is do of a mix of steel and stainless steel. The external diameter of every piston ring is slightly larger than the diameter of the piston and the adaptability of the rings enables them to hug the cylinder walls as soon as they are mounted on the piston.

The cylinder boring is 87.5 mm (3.44 in), piston punch is 83 mm (3.27 in) mm and compression ratio rating is 10.5:1.

Cylinder block
Cylinder block alloyAluminium
Compression ratio:10.5:1
Cylinder bore:87.5 mm (3.44 in)
Piston stroke:83.0 mm (3.27 in)
Number of piston ring (compression / oil):2 / 1
Number of main bearings:4
Cylinder inner diameter (standard):87.500-87.512 mm (3.4449-3.4453 in)
Piston dress diameter (standard):87.406-87.416 mm (3.4412-3.4416 in)
Piston compression height:
Piston pin external diameter:21.997-22.006 mm (0.8660-0.8664 in)
Connecting pole bushing within diameter:22.005-22.014 mm (0.8663-0.8667 in)
Connecting rod large end diameter:56.000 mm (2.2047 in)
Connecting rod center distance:
Crankshaft key journal diameter:61.000 mm (2.4016 in)
Crankpin diameter:53.000 mm (2.0866 in)
Crankshaft center distance:41.5 mm (1.6338 in)

Main bearing lid bolts tightening procedure and also torque specs:

27 Nm; 2.7 kg·m; 20 ft·lb

After securing bearing lid bolts, make certain crankshaft transforms smoothly by hand.

Connecting pole bearing bolts

Step 1: 24.5 Nm; 2.5 kg·m; 18 ft·lbStep 2: rotate bolts 90°

Cylinder head

The cylinder head is made of aluminum alloy, with a cross-flow kind intake and also exhaust layout and with pent-roof form combustion chambers. The spark plugs are situated in the center of the burning chambers.

The exhaust camshafts are thrust by a solitary timing belt, and a gear on the exhaust camshaft engages with a gear on the input camshaft to journey it. The camshaft newspaper is sustained at 5 places in between the valve lifters of each cylinder and on the front finish of the cylinder head. Lubrication that the video camer journals and also gears is accomplished by oil being supplied through the oiler port in the center of the camshaft.

Exhaust and also intake valves space equipped v irregular key springs made of distinct valve spring carbon stole which are qualified of complying with the cam profile at every engine speeds. The input valve diameter is 34.0 mm (1.33 in) and the exhaust valve diameter is 27.3 mm (1.07 in).

Adjustment of the valve clearance is excellent by means of an external shim kind system, in i m sorry valve adjusting shims are located over the valve lifters. This permits replacement the the shims there is no removal that the camshafts.

Cylinder head
Block head alloyAluminium
Valve Arrangement:DOHC, chain drive
Cylinder head height:
Valves:24 (4 valves per cylinder)
Intake valve time (Intake valve timing control-OFF):
Exhaust valve timing:
Valve head diameter:INTAKE34.0 mm (1.33 in)
EXHAUST27.3 mm (1.07 in)
Valve length:INTAKE95.45 mm (3.7578 in)
EXHAUST95.40 mm (3.7559 in)
Valve stem diameter:INTAKE5.470-5.485 mm (0.2154-0.2159 in)
EXHAUST5.465-5.480 mm (0.2152-0.2157 in)
Valve spring totally free length:INTAKE45.50 mm (1.7913 in)
EXHAUST45.50 mm (1.7913 in)
Camshaft journal diameter:26.965 mm (1.0616 in)

Head tightening procedure and torque specs:

Step 1: 54 Nm; 5.4 kg·m; 40 ft·lbStep 2: revolve all bolts 90°

Maintenance data

Valve clearance (Cold)
Intake valve0.15-0.25 mm (0.006-0.010 in)
Exhaust valve0.25-0.35 mm (0.010-0.014 in)
Compression pressure
Standard12.5 kg/m2 (178 psi) / 300 rpm
Minimun10.0 kg/m2 (142 psi) / 300 rpm
Compression differential limit between cylinders1.0 kg/m2 (15 psi) / 300 rpm
Oil system
Oil consumption , L/1000 km (qt. Per miles)up to 0.5 (1 qt. Per 1200 miles)
Recommended engine oil5W-30
Oil form APISL “Energy−Conserving”
Engine oil capacity (Refill capacity)With filter change 4.7 liters (5.0 us qts, 4.1 Imp, qts)Without filter adjust 4.5 liters (4.8 us qts, 4.0 Imp. Qts)
Oil readjust interval, km (miles)8,000 (5,000)
Oil PressureIdle speed: much more than 29 kPa3,000 rpm: much more than 294-539 kPa
Ignition system
Spark plugDenso: SK20R11, NGK: IFR6A11, Toyota: 90919-01210Spark plug gap1.0-1.1 mm (0.039-0.043 in)
Spark plug tightening torque18 Nm (1.8 kg⋅m, 13 ft⋅lb)

Valve clearance adjustment data

Calculate the thickness of new adjusting valve shim therefore valve clearance come within stated values.

R = Thickness of removed valve shimN = Thickness of new valve shimM = measure valve clearance

Intake:N = R + Exhaust:N = R +

Valve shims are available in 17 sizes variety from 2.50 mm (0.0984 in) to 3.30 mm (0.1299 in), in measures of 0.05 mm (0.0020 in).

Example (exhaust valve):R = 2.70 mmM = 0.52 mmN = 2.70 + (0.45 – 0.30) = 2.85 mm.

Vehicle applications

ModelYears Produced
Toyota Camry V61993–2006
Lexus ES 3001993–2003
Toyota Windom1993–2003
Toyota Avalon1994–2004
Toyota Pronard2000
Toyota Harrier
Toyota Sienna1997–2000
Toyota note II Wagon1997–2001
Toyota Solara V61998–2003
Toyota Estima2000–2005
Lexus RX 3001998–2003
Lexus ES 3001999–2003
Toyota Avalon2000–2004
Toyota Highlander2000–2003
Toyota Kluger2000–2003
Toyota Sienna2001–2003
Toyota Alphard2002–2007
Toyota Camry V62003–2006

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